Why are hackers ahead of the game?

When reading the daily security breaches news it becomes clear that hackers are ahead of the game, as even the best protected organizations are hacked and go undetected for days and weeks, including gov. organizations like the State Dept and banks like JP Morgan Chase.

In our webinar "Are Hackers Ahead of the Game? 6 Ways to Close the Security Gap" Yonatan Steriem-Amit, CTO and Co-Founder of Cybereason, and myself, discuss why despite the major security investments hackers are still ahead of the game, plus offer practical steps to immediately to improve organization's security. Yonatan has over 15 years of experience in hacking, reverse engineering, encryption and  application of data analytics to security, and he consulted to major gov. organizations on securing against complex hacking operations.

Lior Div
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Lior Div

Lior Div, CEO and co-founder of Cybereason, began his career and later served as a Commander in the famed Unit 8200. His team conducted nation-state offensive operations with a 100% success rate for penetration of targets. He is a renowned expert in hacking operations, forensics, reverse engineering, malware analysis, cryptography and evasion. Lior has a very unique perspective on the most advanced attack techniques and how to leverage that knowledge to gain an advantage over the adversary. This perspective was key to developing an operation-centric approach to defending against the most advanced attacks and represents the direction security operations must take to ensure a future-ready defense posture.

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