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Managed Detection & Response

Strengthen Your Security Program

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24x7 Monitoring

Trust our Active Monitoring team to investigate any suspicious behavior, no matter the time of day.

Immediate Response

Have confidence that our Active Response team will contain all threats as soon as they are detected.

Leading Technology

Depend on our team leveraging the most effective platform in the industry to protect your environment.

Does Your Team Have the Security Skills You Need?

There's a huge talent shortage in security. Finding and keeping expert security talent is difficult. With attackers operating nonstop, you can't afford not to have a dedicated security team with the best tools.

Get the Help You Need

  • We have worldwide SOC coverage and maintain a follow-the-sun model, with locations in Boston, Tokyo, and Tel Aviv, ensuring you have true eyes on glass 24x7.
  • We protect millions of global endpoints, combining a highly automated approach with high-fidelity alerts that dramatically reduce remediation time.
  • The Cybereason Nocturnus team was the first to discover a vaccination for two of the largest cyber attacks of 2017-- NotPetya and Bad Rabbit.

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Managed Services

Defend with Experts 24/7

Rely on Uninterrupted Protection
Let our Active Monitoring team monitor 100% of your environment with our follow-the-sun model. As suspicious behavior occurs, our team will investigate each one in our world-class platform to determine the scope, severity, and recommended course of action, no matter the time of day or location in the world.

Improve Your Security
Gain insight into how to contain and remediate through our detailed Malop reports. These reports arm you with the best possible response plan, so you can efficiently prevent malicious activity.

Go Hands-off
Let us solve the problem of security for you. Stop having to worry about hiring the right people or getting the right tools. Get the best platform on the market with an expert team in one. 

Instant Remediation

Depend on Fast Response

Have Confidence in Immediate Response
Let our Active Response team contain threats as soon as they are detected. At the completion of analysis, they will execute remediation activities from the platform to ensure attackers are removed from your environment at the earliest possible moment, whether your team is available or not.

Let Us Resolve Incidents
When incidents arise, trust our team to perform responsive actions including cleaning malware, killing processes, deleting registry keys, quarantining files, and more. After the incident is resolved, use our detailed recommendations to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Get Expert Analysis
Receive in-depth investigations and analysis of advanced attacks. Our team of experts, the Cybereason Nocturnus team, will perform reverse engineering, detailed intrusion analysis, and root cause analysis as appropriate to give you a detailed breakdown of any advanced attacks.

Endpoint Protection

Cybereason Defense Platform

Immediately block known malware from running, with signature-based techniques. Leverage machine learning and behavior analytics to detect and prevent sophisticated malware that is typically missed by legacy AV products.

Detection and Response
Cybereason EDR unifies prevention, detection, response and automated hunting capabilities in a single solution to provide complete protection against advanced threats. With Cybereason EDR, organizations can automatically detect suspicious activities, receive alerts on malicious operations, and remediate threats in real-time.

Count on an Expert Team
Rely on our world-class team to deliver comprehensive protection. Our analysts resolve your incidents using intuitive technology in conjunction with an advanced, cross-industry playbook developed from years of experience across millions of endpoints.


Get Started Now

1.  Talk to a Specialist

Talk to a Cybereason specialist to see how we can help you improve your defenses.

2.  Deploy Right Away

Deploy the Cybereason platform to your endpoints immediately.

3.  Protect Your Enterprise

Start defending your enterprise reliably with comprehensive visibility.

"We are in 60 countries, but my security team is only in North America- so Cybereason is watching the shop while we’re sleeping."

John Breen, Senior Manager of SecOps and CyberOps @ Flowserve



Deploy in as little as 24 hours and start preventing attacks and automating threat detection in the same day.


Defend faster with machine learning, an intuitive UI, and behavior-based detection.


Empower your analysts by minimizing their time to understand the full scope of an attack and get ready to respond.


Gain complete insight into all endpoints and system data across your entire enterprise.

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