White Papers

RansomOps & Ransomware Economy

Read this report for more information on who these groups are, how they operate, the role of Ransomware Operations (RansomOps) and how Cybereason address these advanced attacks with our solutions.

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The Right Roles for SIEM and EDR

Our white paper explores the complementary and interdependent uses of SIEM, SOAR, and EDR technologies. By using these tools in conjunction with clearly defined roles, security operations teams can reduce costs, improve security, and assist human intelligence in a repeatable, reliable way.

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AI Hunting with the Cybereason Platform: A SANS Review

SANS reviewed Cybereason's AI hunting platform, which offers a lightweight, behavior-focused model ofhost-based protection that can help intrusion analysis and investigations teams more rapidly and efficiently prevent, detect and analyze malicious behavior in their environments.

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User-Space Endpoint Data Collection

Despite the advantages of endpoint detection and response solutions, many security professionals are hesitant about using them because they are notorious for crashing the operating system and adding agent management workload to the already overworked IT department.

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