Five Clear Steps to Enhance SecOps with MITRE ATT&CK™




Five Clear steps to enhance secops with MITRE ATT&CK™

A skyrocketing numbers of alerts, limited security talent, and millions of new malware strains daily has made security a seemingly insurmountable task. Simply buying another security tool doesn’t make it easier; adversary groups are constantly evolving, putting pressure on security teams to anticipate adversary advancements in smarter and more human ways.

This white paper establishes a process that empowers SecOps to improve iteratively over time by leveraging their existing talent and tools.

key takeaways:

  • Implementing MITRE ATT&CK takes five simple steps that easily integrate with any security strategy: 
  • Step 1: Establish Inputs 
  • Step 2: Create an Adversary Emulation Plan 
  • Step 3: Run an Attack Simulation 
  • Step 4: Alert, Hunt, and Report 
  • Step 5: Process and Technology Improvement 
  • With these five steps, you can continuously tune your security strategy and leverage the connection between techniques, tactics, and procedures, adversary emulation plans, and real-world adversary groups.
  • Use these steps to align your blue and red teams around a common goal: securing your environment against real adversaries.
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