Resale Partners

Cybereason provides our partners with a future-proof platform and services that differentiate your company, protect your customers, and help them reverse the adversary advantage and end attacks.

Partner Tiers

Cybereason operates a tiered partner program.



Authorized partners who are just getting started with Cybereason.



Strategic regional or national partners who have a track record of cybersecurity expertise. They understand the complexity of the cyber security market and have a growing cybersecurity business



Our most strategic partners. They are national or global partners who have a large customer footprint, an established and growing security practice and the resources to scale with us providing differentiated value to our customers.

What does it take to be in the Defenders League?

We know you have a choice, so here at Cybereason we have built a new type of partner program that recognizes and rewards the industry's trusted advisors and solution providers that are helping their customers to end cyber attacks. This partner community is known as The Defenders League.