Move beyond the limitations of traditional antivirus with multi-layered, intelligence-based, deception, behavioral analytics and machine learning prevention capabilities.

Why Cybereason NGAV?

Unparalleled Attack Protection

Instantly block 0-day, fileless attacks, new malware variants and other novel threats, ending lengthy investigations.

Easy, Painless Deployment

Deploy at scale in a matter of hours with minimal organizational impact and start preventing attacks the same day.

Eliminate Complex Workloads

Leverage automated or guided remediation with just a click to mitigate any detected threat across all affected devices.

Endpoint Prevention Features

Multi-Layer Prevention

Threat intelligence-based, behavioral analytics and machine learning algorithms work in unison to convict known and unknown malware via both static and dynamic detections of malicious executables as well as blocking zero-day exploits, fileless attacks, .Net abuse, macro scripts and other challenging threats to reduce investigation workloads for resource-constrained security teams.

ML-Driven Threat Prevention

The Cybereason Defense Platform extracts thousands of different features in every file that is scanned with NGAV, and this data set is analyzed by machine learning to determine the probability of maliciousness. As the threshold for maliciousness is crossed, that threat is blocked and eradicated.

The machine learning that powers Cybereason NGAV is engineered to have a high degree of precision in blocking and quarantining threats to ensure all preventative actions yield low false positives, while also being broad enough in scope to fully detect suspicious activity. Sum of all individual layers of ml-based protection to create AI that provides predictive protection.

Proven Endpoint Protection

The Cybereason Defense Platform was the first solution to block some of the most challenging cyberattacks in recent memory, including being the first solution to block the destructive NotPetya ransomware (June 28, 2017), the first solution to block stealthy Powershell fileless attacks (December 5, 2017), and the first solution to block fileless .NET attacks (July 28, 2019).

Easy Deployment and Management

Cybereason NGAV can be implemented with ease and at scale across a large endpoint distribution in just a matter of hours, can be segmented depending on business unit requirements, and utilizes nominal CPU processing power assuring minimal resource consumption and low impact on user experience and productivity.

Research-Driven Insight

As malware and ransomware strains evolve, the Cybereason Nocturnus security research team constantly evaluates new variants to sharpen our prevention, detection, and response strategies. Cybereason takes a multi-layer approach to preventing attacks so we can deliver industry-leading protection on the endpoint, to the enterprise, and everywhere the battle is waged.

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