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Security Career Development Mar 8, 2021

International Women’s Day: UbU and Lead Like a Girl

Getting ahead in business doesn’t mean suppressing my femininity, it means using the best of who I am and finding ways for that authentic me to continue to advance in business – without apologies...

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Cybersecurity Mar 4, 2021

CISO Stories Podcast: …and Other Useless Security Constructs

"Bob Bigman, former CISO for the CIA, simplifies the conversation by slaughtering some of the industry’s most sacred cows like risk tolerance as a key driver for security programs..."

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CISO Mar 3, 2021

CISO Stories Podcast: Without Building a CISO EQ, You May Be On Your Own

Join us as we welcome special guest Marci McCarthy, CEO and President at T.E.N. Inc., to learn how CISOs can better maintain self-awareness, exercise empathy and emotional intelligence to gain trust of others, and exercise appropriate self-care.

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Insights Mar 3, 2021

Malicious Life Podcast: Inside NotPetya, Part 1

Host Ran Levi is joined by Amit Serper, the first researcher to tackle NotPetya and provide a solution when he was Principal Security Researcher at Cybereason...

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Webinars Mar 2, 2021

Defender Spotlight: Keith Barros, Seton Hall University

Top-tier defender Keith Barros of Seton Hall University discusses the successes achieved with a deployment of Cybereason solutions to secure endpoints and ramp-up students to Level1 Analyst level performance....

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CISO Feb 25, 2021

CISO Stories Podcast: Doing Privacy Right vs. Doing Privacy Rights

Organizations need to be conscious of where they are in reference to the ‘creepy line.’ Join this podcast with special guest Valerie Lyons to learn how to determine the data collection and processing appropriate for your organization...

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Cybersecurity Feb 24, 2021

More Money Won’t Prevent the Next SolarWinds - But Better Detection Strategies Will

We need to shift away from our reliance on IOC artifacts and leverage Indicators of Behavior (IOBs), the subtle chains of behavior that can reveal an advanced attack long before it escalates to a major security event...

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Security Career Development Feb 23, 2021

Cybereason Accelerates North American Expansion with Strategic Hires

“Abigail, Stephan and Ahmed each bring unique skill sets that will have a profound impact as we continue to meet the need for future-ready security by enhancing partnerships with organizations that are in the battle with defenders everyday..." ~Eric Apple, SVP Sales at Cybereason.

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Company Feb 23, 2021

Case Study: SCM Insurance Services Finds True Partnership Cybereason

“We chose Cybereason was because of our need for comprehensive detection that’s mapped to MITRE ATT&CK... and to increase the speed to mitigation...” ~Nick LaPointe, Infosec Admin for SCM Insurance Services.

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Ransomware Feb 22, 2021

Ransomware Attacks Remain Persistent and Pervasive

Recent research found the average ransom payment paid had decreased by a third in the final quarter of 2020, dropping to $154,108 in Q4 from $233,817 in Q3. This was attributed to victims choosing not to give into demands for payment, not that attacks are diminishing overall.

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