Next Generation Antivirus Prevention Redefined

Traditional antivirus tools from legacy vendors often spot the easy stuff but struggle to prevent novel threats from causing damage. That is why Cybereason is announcing its latest prevention technologies to identify and stop threats, from the simplest ones to those never before seen.

Webinar: NGAV Redefined
October 26th | 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT

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Cybereason is the only security vendor that delivers multi-layered NGAV prevention where each layer is purpose-built to prevent unique attacker techniques. Cybereason provides unparalleled attack protection by combining 9 independent yet complimentary prevention layers ensuring that your business achieves its goals and bad actors don’t.

With Cybereason NGAV, customers can:


Each layer of defense you see below operates independently but, when combined, is designed to stop everything from the simplest to the most novel Malware that exists today, even those never before seen:

9-layers--cybereason-NGAV (1)

  • Endpoint Controls - Block unauthorized USBs and network connections and ensure full disk encryption.
  • Anti-Malware - Block commoditized malware.
  • AI-based Anti-Malware - Block novel malware.
  • Exploit Prevention - Virtual Patching for Windows vulnerabilities.
  • Behavioral Document Prevention - Block malicious macros.
  • Fileless Malware Prevention - Block in-memory command line and script-based attacks.
  • Behavioral Execution Prevention - Block living off the land techniques.
  • Variant Payload Prevention - Vaccinate against variations of malicious payloads like Cobalt Strike and Emotet.
  • Predictive Ransomware Protection - Block encryption and restore files.

Complete prevention is a must-have tool for every organization and serves as the first line of defense against attackers, allowing security teams to defend forward. That is why Cybereason constantly innovates to bring the most comprehensive and best solutions to the market for our customers, allowing them to focus on their business. 

If you like to see some of the latest innovations in action, check out our video here on our newest prevention layer—Variant Payload Prevention:

To learn more about Cybereason NGAV, please visit our webpage and request a customized demo experience.

Cody Queen
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Cody Queen

Cody Queen is a Product Marketing Manager at Cybereason leading the go-to-market strategy for NGAV, endpoint protection and cloud workload security solutions. Before joining Cybereason, Cody led and supported product launches for Dell Technologies in their APEX Cloud and security business, primarily around managed data center services. He also brings over 10 years of experience in the public sector planning for, managing and responding to security threats against the United States.

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