Demo the Cybereason XDR Platform

Future-Ready Cybersecurity Protection

See how Cybereason allows defenders to detect earlier and remediate faster with one lightweight agent and an array of deployment options.

During your personalized tour, we will show how Cybereason can:

  • Future-Proof Your Enterprise to deliver comprehensive protection across your entire enterprise, today and into the future.

  • Mitigate Attacks, Not Breaches and detect and respond faster than attackers can adapt and eliminate threats in minutes rather than days.

  • Stop Chasing Alerts and Intercept MalOps™ by moving beyond alerting and instantly visualize Malicious Operations from root cause across every affected endpoint.
    What is a MalOp?

  • Remediate Automatically or with a Click and reduce mean time to remediation from days to minutes, and remotely with just a click.

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The MalOp Explained

Cybereason is operation-centric instead of alert-centric. We instantly deliver fully contextualized and correlated insights into any MalOp, detailing the full attack story from root cause to impacted users and devices, significantly reducing investigation/remediation periods.


Key values

The Visibility to Outthink

Uncover, visualize and end malicious operations with the full attack story from root cause across every affected endpoint and user.

The Speed to Outpace

Analyze, adapt, and move faster than attackers while eliminating emerging threats with 93% better efficiency for remediation in minutes rather than days.

The Precision to End Attacks

Leverage automated and single-click remediation across the entire network to end attacks and reduce the need for lengthy analyst investigations.

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