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The Cybereason Defense Platform

Identify, Understand, and Respond to Attacks Faster

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One Agent

Combine endpoint detection and response with next-generation antivirus technology in one lightweight agent. 

One Console

Prevent, detect, and respond to advanced attacks in a single console with an intuitive UI, across machines.

One Team

Rely on our expert team to monitor your environment 24x7 and actively respond to threats with the best technology.

Do You Worry About What You Can't See?

The amount of time for an attacker to cause harm in your system is down to minutes. It takes too much time to see and respond to an attack.

Your Team Can Beat the Threat

  • We know you can stop attackers with the right tools.
  • We protect millions of global endpoints, from the smallest security teams to the most advanced SOCs.
  • How would your security change if a single analyst could effectively defend 100,000 endpoints against even the most sophisticated threats?

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Endpoint Detection & Response 

Be Ready to Act: Turn manual work into automated operations. Automate your threat detection to save analyst time and provide them with high-fidelity alerts that show the full attack story. 

Respond Immediately: Use our complete remediation toolbox to quickly respond to any incident, no matter the cause. Safely use our remote shell technology to contain and respond to threats on all affected machines with a single click.

Start Hunting Now: Empower analysts of all skill levels to start hunting easily with greater visibility and our query builder.


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Next-Generation Antivirus

Prevent Known and Suspicious Behavior: Prevent known and suspicious threats through signatures and machine learning.

Fight Ransomware: Stop ransomware immediately with the combination of behavioral analysis and deception techniques.

Prevent Fileless Attacks: Thwart fileless attacks instantly and with confidence through our platform, which observes all activities within the PowerShell engine or that use the .NET framework.


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Managed Detection & Response

Rely on Uninterrupted Protection: Let our Active Monitoring team monitor 100% of your endpoints with our follow-the-sun model. As suspicious behavior occurs, our team will investigate each one in our world-class platform to determine the scope and recommended course of action, no matter the time of day.

Have Confidence in Immediate Response: Let our Active Response team contain threats as soon as they are detected. They will immediately begin analysis and investigation with the best technology on the market to identify the root cause of the attack and respond for you.

Go Hands-off: Let our team take the problems of security and compliance away. We will monitor and respond to threats in your environment 24x7 so you don't have to.


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Deploy in as little as 24 hours and start preventing attacks and automating threat detection in the same day.


Defend faster with machine learning, an intuitive UI, and behavior-based detection.


Empower your analysts by minimizing their time to understand the full scope of an attack and get ready to respond.


Gain complete insight into all endpoints and system data across your entire enterprise.

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Deploy Right Away
2.  Deploy Right Away

Deploy the Cybereason platform to your endpoints immediately.

Protect Your Enterprise
3.  Protect Your Enterprise

Start defending your enterprise reliably with comprehensive visibility.

"It's the visibility and the tools to go look for activity that I don't want in my environment."

– Ryan Fritts, CISO @ ADT

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Access All Data • Rerun Historical Data • Retrospectively Hunt


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