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Incident Response

Comprehensive resolution to security incidents

Cybereason Incident Response Team

The Cybereason Incident Response Team

Cybereason has a global team with decades of incident response experience and domain knowledge in: threat hunting, forensic analysis, malware analysis and reverse engineering, new system vulnerabilities, SIEM/SOC management, and more.


How We Approach Incident Response

In addition to bringing about a comprehensive resolution to destructive cyber attacks, our team is dedicated to helping customers improve their incident response programs and procedures. During incident response engagements, your team works shoulder-to-shoulder with our experts to optimize procedures and minimize the likelihood of similar incidents occurring again. Cybereason Incident Response includes:

  • Scoping and Investigation. We'll start working with your team to run forensic analysis, investigation, identify root cause and contain further damage.
  • Remediation Services & Recommendations. The Cybereason IR team performs a wide variety of necessary actions to remediate issues on endpoints and beyond. These include changes to security configuration, architecture, or tool changes.
  • Advanced Analysis. For issues that are not routine, we'll perform in-depth investigations and analysis. This includes: reverse engineering, detailed intrusion analysis, and root cause analysis. Cybereason will deliver a report during the initial scope of analysis, and a final report once the analysis is complete. Learn more.