MDR Essentials

Detection and Response

A fully managed network security service that detects, triages, and responds to threats.

MDR Essentials

24/7 Monitoring
Proactive Tuning
Environment Tuning
Proactive Hunting
Extended Response (XR)
Add-On Available
NGAV Detection Analysis
Premium Onboarding
Monthly MalOp Report

Cybereason MDR Essentials Overview

In additon to MDR Core's capabilities, Cybereason MDR Essentials offers organizations a fully managed security solution that detects, triages, and alerts organizations to threats within their network - stopping malicious activity in its tracks.

MDR Essentials Benefits

Automated Threat Hunting
Identify indicators of behavior (IOB) and get visibility into threats as they align to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework for MalOp severity scoring
Detailed Response Recommendations
Complete root-cause investigation and step-by-step response recommendations for compromise containment
Monthly Reports
In-depth monthly reports that detail threat activity, vulnerabilities, and current security posture

Every Minute Counts

Reverse the adversary advantage with the speed and visibility to detect and prevent a breach

Detect < 1 Minute
Triage < 5 Minutes
Remediate < 30 Minutes


MDR Overview

Cybereason security experts provide network monitoring, root cause analysis, and guided response for every MalOp.

MDR Complete

A fully managed security solution that provides industry-leading threat detection, triage, remediation, and analysis.

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