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Defend Forward


Accountability Regulation in Cybersecurity

Understand the risks and benefits of regulation aimed at creating board- and C-level accountability for cyber risk mitigation. Discover CISOs’ perspectives on this topic.

Defend Forward: A Proactive Model for Cyber Deterrence

See why leading global cybersecurity executives are rallying behind Defend Forward to decrease the frequency, potency and impact of cyberattacks. Get advice for implementing the six principles of Defend Forward in your organization.

About the Cyber Defenders Council

The Cyber Defenders Council is an independent group of preeminent cybersecurity leaders from public and private sector organizations across the globe. The mission of the Council is to adapt an approach to cyber deterrence, known as Defend Forward, and provide prescriptive guidance to help organizations implement Defend Forward cybersecurity strategies that increase costs for attackers and improve the efficacy of Defenders.

General Joseph Dunford19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

What It Means to Defend Forward

The Defend Forward concept originally came out of the US Department of Defense 2018 National Cyber Strategy. Put simply, it means defending with an offensive mindset to proactively disrupt or stop malicious cyber activity before it reaches its target. In contrast with traditional, reactive cybersecurity strategies, Defend Forward places more focus on deterrence by making it harder for attackers to achieve their objectives.


Council members represent a range of industries and bring extensive security experience to their roles

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“Defend Forward is about putting attackers on their heels, instead of defenders getting caught by surprise. It’s about defending with an offensive mindset, and an offensive mindset is not illegal.”