Cybereason Government

Cybereason is built for your mission to end attacks, predict malicious behavior, and prevent ransomware from the endpoint to everywhere.

Our Mission is Your Mission

Cybereason Government has brought together the world’s best minds from the military, government intelligence, and enterprise security to deliver future-ready attack protection. This team has long been in the battle to prevent ransomware, eradicate supply-chain attacks, and reverse the attacker's advantage.

Undefeated Against Ransomware

The Cybereason Defense Platform is powered by multiple layers of machine learning to uncover zero-day malware and ransomware attacks. When layered together, these complementary algorithms create a stronger defense than generic, narrowly-focused machine learning offered by the competition.

Behavioral Telemetry to End Attacks

Cybereason reduces investigations, no matter their complexity, by as much as 93%. Cybereason delivers fully contextualized and correlated behavioral telemetry about malicious operations, from daily attacks to supply-chain assaults designed to evade traditional defenses and reduce investigation periods.

Battle-Proven Defenders

Cybereason Government was built and is run by the world’s preeminent security minds who have fought the cyber battle across the world and now help Government Agencies defend critical defense and civilian deployments from highly skilled and well-resourced adversaries. We reverse the adversary's advantage and help you win each mission.

Seasoned Defense Experts

Cybereason’s battle-tested expert staff understand the unique challenges faced when defending critical public sector deployments from highly skilled and well resourced adversaries.

Operational Intelligence to End Attacks Anywhere They Happen

Malicious Operation Intelligence
Move beyond alerting and leverage deep contextual correlations across all devices and users. Get a real-time interactive representation of any malicious operation (MalOp) that details the complete attack timeline, root cause and malicious communications.
IOCs/IOBs for Complete Protection
Cybereason delivers enhanced global threat intel across both Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and key Indicators of Behavior (IOBs), the more subtle signs of compromise derived from across the whole of your organization’s network, without the need to craft complex queries that significantly increase investigation time.
Speed & Accuracy to Win the Battle
Eliminate dwell time and increase mean time to remediation by identifying outside-in threats such as phishing and malware as well as inside-out attacks from insider threats or stolen credentials, all bolstered by in-console guided remediation that allows Level 1-2 analysts to perform at Level 3 proficiency.

Ransomware eBooks

2021 Holiday Ransomware Advisory

Holiday Ransomware Crisis

Threat actors increasingly target weekends and holidays for ransomware attacks--striking when few people are available to detect or respond to the attack. With the right tools in place, organizations can defend against ransomware attacks.

Ransomware: The True Cost to Business

This report provides analysis on the impact to businesses and organizations who have fallen victim to ransomware attacks, and provides expert guidance to drive better ransomware defense strategies.

Cybereason Government Resource Library

Data Sheet

On-Premises Deployment

On-premises option for complete control of your endpoint security.

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Data Sheet

MITRE ATT&CK Framework

The Cybereason Defense Platform has been validated by the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, an open and transparent methodology for evaluating vendor capabilities.

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Data Sheet

Cybereason XDR

AI-driven XDR by Cybereason transforms petabyte-scale data into visual attack stories: MalOps (malicious operations). Achieve 10x the security results without 10x the work.

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EDR and the White House Executive Order on Cybersecurity

AI-driven XDR by Cybereason transforms petabyte-scale data into visual attack stories: MalOps (malicious operations). Achieve 10x the security results without 10x the work.

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