Unified detection and response capabilities that help you find and end MalOps (malicious operations) across the entire IT stack including endpoint, network and cloud deployments.


Protect Beyond the Endpoint

Never lose sight of the attacker with unified cloud, endpoint, network, and log data that exposes MalOps and anomalous behaviors.


Investigate MalOps Over Alerts

Leverage both Indicators of Compromise and Behavior, the most subtle signs of compromise derived from across your organization’s networks.


Intelligent Response

Reduce mean time to respond (MTTR) with automated and guided one-click mitigation across all networks without the need to craft complex queries.

Key Capabilities

Enterprise-Wide Security

Cybereason XDR reverses the attacker advantage and returns the high ground to the defenders by extending detection and response capabilities across the broader IT ecosystem that makes up modern enterprise environments. Defenders can pinpoint, understand and end any MalOp™ (malicious operation) across the entire IT stack whether on premises, mobile or in the cloud.

Visualized Investigations

Cybereason XDR eliminates obstacles to effective detection and response, including log management and data collection tasks, agent deployment and maintenance cycles, and convoluted syntax languages for data extraction and behavioral detections. XDR breaks through data silos and unifies device and identity context in a single, visual investigation experience. Empower your curious analysts to remain focused on the mission without being distracted by manual tasks.

Reversing the Advantage

Cybereason is here to collaborate with your team in our mission to empower defenders and reverse the adversary advantage. Cybereason XDR enables frictionless adoption of advanced detections built by - and shared with - the larger community of defenders. United in our efforts we can increase the burden on the attackers so they are forced to relinquish the advantage they have enjoyed for too long.


“We started off as an EDR customer -- as we have grown, our attack surface has expanded beyond the endpoint. Cybereason XDR is perfect for protecting our work-anywhere endpoints, our digital cloud-based products, our legacy systems as well as our industrial infrastructure. This approach has eliminated the noise so we can focus on what matters and use our skilled staff on strategic initiatives instead of chasing alerts.”


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