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Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

A single point of enterprise visibility, detection and response

Cybereason XDR predicts, understands, and ends cyber attacks by fusing varied telemetry sources into visual attack stories: MalOps (malicious operations).

Create order from chaos with XDR

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Unified visibility, without changing your security stack

Cybereason’s open XDR provides a vendor-agnostic architecture that allows you to bring your existing security stack, integrating with endpoints, applications, identities, network, workspace, cloud sources, and operational technology

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Uncover malicious activity that gets lost in the noise

Cybereason XDR correlates and enriches data to uncover threats that would have been missed with siloed solutions. The Cybereason MalOp creates actionable attack stories of an attacker’s malicious operation in a single correlated view.

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Respond to threats in as little as 30 minutes

Cybereason reverses the adversary advantage with a managed XDR offering. Expanding the prowess of our managed detection and response capabilities across your entire technology stack, not just endpoints.


Cybereason Connect allows for rapid integration of over 65 telemetry sources for fused detection and response. Maximum security value is added to all data ingested, to help deprioritize low-quality alerts, enrich, and correlate true positives into an actionable attack story.






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“We started off as an EDR customer -- as we have grown, our attack surface has expanded beyond the endpoint. Cybereason XDR is perfect for protecting our work-anywhere endpoints, our digital cloud-based products, our legacy systems as well as our industrial infrastructure. This approach has eliminated the noise so we can focus on what matters and use our skilled staff on strategic initiatives instead of chasing alerts.”

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XDR Features

XDR Dashboard

See the alert consolidation impact of Cybereason. Low-quality alerts are confidently deprioritized, and true-positive alerts are correlated with other attackers' steps from the intrusion for an operation-centric approach.

  • At-a-Glance View of Threats. Get a complete view of threats quickly by MITRE classification and focus on the right issues.
  • Actionable Drill-Downs. Contextually drill-down to MalOp & Investigation for actionable details.
  • KPI Management. Track operational metrics such as Health of integrations, MalOp Triaged and Resolved.


See the holistic attack story and defend against the most devastating class of cyber attacks.

  • A single attack story reduces the time to detect.
  • Correlation across all ingested data reduces the time to investigate.
  • Initiate response actions to cross-domain sources from the Cybereason MalOp.


Cybereason Connect

Quickly integrate relevant telemetry sources to create a full-scope detection and response platform for your environment.

  • Simple integration onboarding. Add tenant details, client details and the credentials and the integration setup is complete.
  • Truly Open XDR. Select from over 65 commonly used integrations across identity, workspace, network, cloud, endpoint, mobile, OT and others.


Create a single source of truth
Cybereason XDR is a platform for detection and response, purpose-built to ingest data from a wide range of telemetry sources and reduce MTTR.
Reduce False Positives
Ingested alerts are often very low quality and false positives. Cybereason uses enrichment and correlation and makes a determination on the veracity and the severity of ingested alerts, and correlates individual alerts into a broader operation-centric view.
Reduce complexity in the stack
Creating a unified detection and response platform without XDR requires legacy strategies, an army of personnel to tune and manage the solution, and can be overly expensive. XDR unifies detection and response while also streamlining operations and creating efficiencies.
Accelerate Response
Cybereason XDR is bi-directional to include response to non-endpoint data sources through the MalOp console. End attacks efficiently from a central console.
Ransomware & APT Defense
Cybereason is undefeated against ransomware and delivers unrivaled MITRE ATT&CK coverage of adversary behaviors and tactics.
Vendor agnostic data infrastructure
No limitations based on geography for backend data infrastructure and data normalization.


What is XDR?

Extended Detection and Response tools automatically look at data across multiple security layers — email, server, cloud, endpoint, and network — to quickly detect problems.

With attackers using more sophisticated techniques, XDR has evolved to take a broader approach to find these threats, looking at the bigger picture across multiple security layers.

How is Cybereason XDR different?

Cybereason XDR moves beyond the endless alerting and offers more actionable insights, allowing organizations to detect never-before-seen attacks.

Cybereason XDR uses intelligence-based threat blocking and NGAV-based behavioral and machine-learning techniques to prevent and detect both known and unknown threats.

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