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Cybereason Defend 360

Enabling MSSP services for Small to Medium Enterprises.

Cybereason Defend 360 is a platform tailored specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) looking to access Small to Medium Enterprise customers. The Defend 360 platform is designed with a single, intuitive user interface that gives you complete control over your customer base, while giving you flexible monthly billing on a consumption basis. With Defend 360, improve your operational efficiency while expanding your capabilities, ensuring you can grow your customer base without compromising on service quality.


Cybereason has developed the Defend 360 program as a way to create flexibility and deepen market reach for our MSSP partners. This program gives Partners full control over the customer lifecycle, facilitating near-real time customer deployment to bring your customers onboard faster while providing them with immediate protection. The centralised management system provides a unified view of MalOp™ statuses across multiple customers, incorporating central administration, policy management, and extensive threat hunting capabilities. Our usage-based, flexible monthly billing allows MSSPs to serve SME organisations efficiently, charging only for the active sensors each month. Moreover, the Defend 360 program delivers a significant competitive edge by streamlining tracking and billing processes. In addition, Cybereason ensures comprehensive support for our MSSP partners, offering tier 3 assistance for any arising issues or inquiries.

Partner Benefits


100% control of your customer lifecycle


Flexible monthly billing


A platform designed for MSP/MSSP to access the SME Market Sector


Single platform to manage your entire SME customer base


Rapid deployment of new customers


Access sales and technical enablement to help build your service faster

Did you know

The SME Market makes up 99% of the EU's businesses, providing employment to around 100 million people. Meaning the SMB market contributes to over half of Europe's GDP across all economic sectors! In the UK alone there are 38,000 UK companies with between 10 and 250 Employees.

MSP/MSSP Profile

  • A managed service suitable for the SME marke

  • An established customer base serving SME customers or aspiring to build out a Service in this space

  • Good reputation and possibly aligned to verticals such as Education, Healthcare, Local Government for example.

Customer Profile

  • SME customer looking to outsource security service to managed security service provider

  • Ransomware prevention will be top priority

  • Most likely motivated by lack of internal Cybersecurity resources

  • Customer buying into outcome offered by the MSP/MSSP over the technology

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