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The modern SOC requires future-ready defenses. Facing more attacks and with the most to lose, bulletproof security is non negotiable for Financial Services organizations.

Meet the rigorous demands of the frontlines in the fight against cyber adversaries

Information Security teams that support large financial services organizations are the tip of the spear in the fight against adversaries. These teams deploy more tools, support larger budgets and are more likely to have a developed SOC and run an advanced cyber defense program. At the same time, financial services organizations are the most attacked vertical, and the attacks that they are facing are more severe, sophisticated, and damaging. These teams have more to lose and the most to protect.

The attack surface is sprawling and complex, making it difficult to monitor and keep secure. Add in the extra layer of maintaining compliance to strict regulatory frameworks while maintaining security, and financial services teams have a difficult challenge and the most demanding needs from their IT security stack.

Securing FinServ environments is a massive task

Attack volume is out of control
Large Financial Institutions are 300x more likely to be attacked, making this the most attacked sector
Threats are highly evolved
Attacks are sophisticated, MITRE ATT&CK plans yearly evaluations around FIN7 and similar threat groups specific to banking.
Ransomware is a major issue
Banking institutions saw a 1318% increase in ransomware attacks in 2021. Ransomware is a real issue and here to stay
Operational efficiency is a must
Environments are complex and massive. Financial Services security teams have hundreds of security tools to monitor hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Cybereason delivers security you can count on where the battle rages the hardest.

A single platform that covers the full cycle of a security operation from detection to remediation, making FinServ teams more efficient with a solution that delivers results.

Cybereason for Financial Services Organizations

End Ransomware
Cybereason is undefeated in the fight against ransomware and delivers layered, predictive protection against this evolving threat.
Manage Compliance
Meet the strict data regulations outlined in GDPR and other frameworks with Cybereason. Keep data in-region and use Cybereason as a complementary control for compliance to SOX, PCI-DSS, FINRA and others.
Deploy to Anything, Infinitely Scalable
Scale to accommodate hundreds of thousands of endpoints in nearly any configuration. Universal compatibility with legacy architectures, niche IT systems, cloud workloads, SaaS applications and any Windows, Mac or Linux based endpoint.
Feature-Rich EDR for Sophisticated Teams
DFIR and deep-dive analysis and more intuitive investigation for sophisticated teams. Quickly pivot to follow new leads and access all enterprise data.
See the Operation, Not Piecemeal Alerts
Alerts overwhelm, and Cybereason focuses on the operation. View the full attack story, stitched together to include root cause, timeline, attacker tools used, and recommended response - fully correlated and contextualized.
Visibility Across a Varied IT Stack
Universal visibility ensures a clear picture of the attack, and with over 100+ out-of-the-box integrations there are infinite options for automation, integration and orchestration.

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The confidence that Cybereason customers in Financial Services organizations have in our solutions is unparalleled, whether for ransomware defense, automating tedious security workflows, extending detection and response across the enterprise, or improving the overall security posture - our customers rave about the results we provide.

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