With Cybereason EDR, defenders can stop chasing alerts and instead end malicious operations before they take hold.

Why Cybereason EDR?

Unmatched, Unlimited Visibility

Get the complete story of a MalOp™ (malicious operation) from start to finish with contextualized and correlated insights that detect and end sophisticated attacks.

Security Team Force Multiplier

Maximize your valuable Security Operations Center resources with a 1:200,000 analyst-to-endpoint ratio that allows Level 1 and 2 analysts to perform at Level 3 proficiency.

Remediate in Seconds

Instantly remediate by killing processes, quarantining files, removing persistence mechanisms, preventing file execution and isolating machines, all with a single click.

Key Capabilities

Threat Intelligence

Many different threat feeds often do not agree with each other on which IOCs are malicious or unknown. This conflicting information makes it difficult to quickly determine the maliciousness of a threat and take action.

Cybereason Threat Intelligence aggregates multiple threat feeds and cross-examines those feeds against machine learning analysis to rank the various threat feeds based on their historical accuracy for particular types of threats from various adversary groups. This enables Cybereason to determine the correct threat intelligence source to respond quickly and with precision, which simplifies the investigation and response process.

Instant Remediation

Analysts of all skill levels can quickly dig into the details of an attack without crafting complicated queries, then easily pivot directly from investigating to remediating affected devices by executing a full suite of remediation actions from machine isolation and process killing to removing persistence mechanisms - all from within an intuitive point and click interface.

Detection Speed and Accuracy

Cybereason EDR can identify threats quickly with a high degree of accuracy using behavioral analysis that leverages cross-machine correlations and enriched data from across all endpoints in real-time, and the Cybereason cross-machine correlation engine drives an impressive 1:200,000 analyst-to-endpoint ratio, significantly reducing the workload for security teams.

ML-Powered Detection and Correlation of Malicious Behaviors

The Cybereason Defense Platform’s AI surfaces advanced threats by detecting subtle indicators of behavior. Certain malicious behaviors are only identifiable after analyzing enterprise-wide data sets against machine learning. Monitoring via a machine-by-machine basis only can overlook nuanced adversaries whose activity can only be detected when the environment as a whole is analyzed and cross-examined against machine learning.

Once a threat is convicted of being malicious, Defenders need to know the context and other correlated events to deconstruct the entire operation. Cybereason EDR implements machine-learning based deduction to find other artifacts of the operation that are connected to the initial event and compose an automated timeline for rapid response.

Proven Efficacy

Cybereason EDR earned the highest product score for the “current offering” category in the 2020 Forrester Wave for Enterprise Detection and Response, and the MITRE ATT&CK evaluations highlight the superior proficiency of Cybereason EDR in quickly detecting and correlating threats to instantly deliver the complete story of an attack as an easy to interpret, interactive visual representation.

Read the Forrester EDR Wave


The Cybereason Nocturnus Team evaluates new methodologies to sharpen our prevention, detection and response strategies, uncovering both Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and key Indicators of Behavior (IOBs), the more subtle signs of an attack derived from across the whole of your network. Whether on premises, mobile or in the cloud, Cybereason is the defender’s choice to reverse the adversary advantage.

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