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Security Posture Assessment

An in-depth assessment of your organization’s current security tools, policies and procedures

Security Posture Assessment

The Cybereason Posture Assessment is designed to help organizations understand their current Cybersecurity maturity level and provide insight into their ability to prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats. Customized for each customer, the Cybereason Services Team will work with you to evaluate your current security tools, map the entire attack surface and inventory existing networks and endpoints.

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Legacy Security Tools and Procedures

Legacy security tools, resources and procedures can leave an organization wondering if they are capable of preventing, detecting and responding to today’s advanced threats. A Posture Assessment will evaluate an organization’s current tools and help identify gaps that could leave an organization vulnerable to an attack.

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New Security Team

Resources and security staff are hard to find, and can be difficult to maintain. A Posture Assessment is a great tool that will help new security members or teams understand their organization’s current threat landscape and what vulnerabilities exist.

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Limited Time and Resources

Limited time and resources are common obstacles to creating and maintaining a robust security program. A Cybereason Posture Assessment will evaluate an organization’s existing set of tools, policies and procedures, and deliver actionable recommendations on how to harden your network security and prevent an attack.

Customer Outcomes

Evaluate Current Tools
Assess and evaluate the current security tools and procedures’ ability to prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats.
Map the Entire Attack Surface
Gain insight and understanding of the entire network surface through an inventory of endpoints and assets.
Identify Vulnerabilities
Uncover security gaps and potential threat entry points that leave your network susceptible to an attack.
Actionable Recommendations
Receive actionable intelligence and recommendations on what can be done to improve tool configurations and strengthen your current security posture.

Why Cybereason Services

Cybereason Technology

The Cybereason Defense Platform provides threat hunters with the tools and visibility needed to quickly detect, respond to, and remediate threats across the entire network.

Cybereason Threat Intelligence

Cybereason’s Nocturnus threat intelligence team delivers deep insights on the tools, techniques, and procedures of threat actors from around the world. This robust library of intelligence helps Cybereason Incident Responders identify, predict, and prevent the spread of an attack.

Cybereason IR Team

The Cybereason IR Team is comprised of threat hunters and security experts with decades of experience from some of the most respected organizations within both public and private sectors. A dedicated incident responder will be with you every step of the way from deployment through remediation.

Cybereason Methodology

Leveraging robust tools such as EDR, Forensics-as-Code, FaC and DFIR, Cybereason’s threat hunters deliver fast and efficient incident response that quickly restores back to business.

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