Compromise Assessment

Understand if your network has been breached

Cybereason Compromise Assessment

A Cybereason Compromise Assessment will help organizations identify past or present malicious activity within their network. The Cybereason Services Team leverages the Cybereason Defense Platform and Nocturnus Intelligence to hunt for, respond to, and remediate any malicious operations (MalOps) within the network. The result is a reduction in dwell time, attack mitigation, and expulsion of malicious operations before further damage can be done.



The Cybereason Services Team will deploy Cybereason’s EDR tools across the entire network.

Using proprietary tools and threat intelligence, the Cybereason Services team will hunt for MalOps within the network.

If MalOps are detected, the Cybereason Services Team will respond to and remediate the threat.

At the conclusion of the assessment, Cybereason will provide a report with detailed findings and recommendations on how to improve the organization’s security posture moving forward.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Ensure that a cyber-attack isn’t part of an acquisition. As part of it’s due-diligence, the acquiring company should conduct a Compromise Assessment for the company-to-be-acquired, ensuring that there are no ongoing attacks or MalOps that will be assumed.

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New Security Team

Oftentimes CISOs and security teams inherit legacy security tools and solutions. A Compromise Assessment will give a security team a clear understanding of whether or not the network has been breached in the past, and present.

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Suspicion of an Attack

Take the guesswork and suspension out of an attack, by knowing exactly what machines were compromised, how they were compromised and when the attack took place. A Compromise Assessment will answer the question: “Have we been breached.”

Customer Outcomes

Detect and Stop an Attack
The Cybereason Services Team will hunt for, respond to, and remediate any Malops before further damage can be done.
Reduce Dwell Time
A Compromise Assessment will identify any ongoing MalOps within the network, resulting in rapid response and remediation. Detecting and responding to a MalOp will eliminate additional attacker dwell-time and stop an attack before additional damage can be done.
Confidence of a Clean Network
Gain confidence and assurance that your network is not under attack, and the peace-of-mind that your network will be in a clean state moving forward. It doesn’t matter whether MalOps are detected and remediated, or no MalOps are found - an organization will have the peace-of-mind of knowing that their network will be in a clean state moving forward.

Why Cybereason Services

Cybereason Technology

The Cybereason Defense Platform provides threat hunters with the tools and visibility needed to quickly detect, respond to, and remediate threats across the entire network.

Cybereason Threat Intelligence

Cybereason’s Nocturnus threat intelligence team delivers deep insights on the tools, techniques, and procedures of threat actors from around the world. This robust library of intelligence helps Cybereason Incident Responders identify, predict, and prevent the spread of an attack.

Cybereason IR Team

The Cybereason IR Team is comprised of threat hunters and security experts with decades of experience from some of the most respected organizations within both public and private sectors. A dedicated incident responder will be with you every step of the way from deployment through remediation.

Cybereason Methodology

Leveraging robust tools such as EDR, Forensics-as-Code, FaC and DFIR, Cybereason’s threat hunters deliver fast and efficient incident response that quickly restores back to business.


Data Sheet

Compromise Assessment Data Sheet

Understand if your network has been breached

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Data Sheet

Cybereason IR & Professional Services

Learn more about Cybereason IR & Pro Services Bundles and Cybereason’s unlimited IR.

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