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Compromise Assessment

Uncover threats already active in your environment

Talk to a specialist
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Review Your Infrastructure

Get a complete review of your organization’s infrastructure to identify instances of compromise, backdoors, unauthorized access, and anomalous activities.

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Actionable Insights

Use our actionable recommendations with detailed reports to resolve and prevent compromises.

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Proactively Threat Hunt

Let our team use our proven methodology to detect advanced persistent threats and targeted adversaries across the full attack lifecycle, all aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Are we Breached?

It takes organizations an average of 191 days to identify a data breach.

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Eliminate Current and Past Threats

  • Leverage expert technology to gather all data for current and past compromises.
  • Engage our team for expertise and experience to resolve your most complex, real-world security challenges.
  • Access our tested methodologies to identify every sign of compromise.

Talk to a Specialist


Find Breaches

Identify Compromises: Get a complete, fast, and affordable review of your organization's infrastructure, systems, and applications.

Evaluate Your Environment: Quickly evaluate your corporate environment for the presence of a targeted attacker.

Pivot to Experts: At any step of the assessment, have the freedom to immediately pivot to Cybereason Incident Response services seamlessly.

Collect Data in Real Time

Deploy Quickly: Count on Cybereason’s user-mode sensors for a smooth, worry-free, and fast deployment to targeted endpoints across the enterprise, from workstations to laptops.

Collect Data Across Platforms: Efficiently collect real-time telemetry, volatile memory, and forensics artifacts across all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

Discover and Analyze: Analyze in conjunction with threat hunting findings at scale for undetected malicious activity, suspicious network connections, malicious processes and services, suspicious artifacts, compromised user accounts, and more.



Get Detailed Reporting

Informative Technical Reports: Receive detailed and complete technical reports on all findings and recommendations from our expert team.

Actionable Intelligence: Get actionable intelligence, next steps for remediation, and a conclusive answer “are we breached?”, whether in the past or today, whether the attack is active or dormant.



Deploy in as little as 24 hours and start preventing attacks and automating threat detection in the same day.


Defend faster with machine learning, an intuitive UI, and behavior-based detection.


Empower your analysts by minimizing their time to understand the full scope of an attack and get ready to respond.


Gain complete insight into all endpoints and system data across your entire enterprise.

“The threat investigation is a must have for every company and is a complete game changer to offensive security.”

- Healthcare Company


Reduce Dwell Time

Reduce dwell time and the cost of a breach.

Scope Compromises Faster

Proactively determine if a network has been compromised in weeks instead of months.

Act Quickly with Context

Get actionable recommendations with detailed reports.

Leverage Cybereason Intel

Use Cybereason’s extensive threat intelligence of attacker TTPs to tailor improvements for your defense.

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