Why Cybereason

Dedicated to Defenders

We know that every day you have everything on the line, and that with so much at risk it can seem like adversaries have all the advantages. Together we can take the power back. Where other cybersecurity providers see a vendor and a customer, we see a united team of defenders who are stronger as one. Every day we will earn the right to be the first call you make and the first to your fight.

Future-Ready Protection

Detect advanced threats, accelerate investigations and ensure complete remediation across the enterprise and wherever the battle moves. Our platform combines intelligence-based threat blocking and NGAV-based behavioral and machine learning techniques to prevent known and unknown threats for prevention, detection, and response across the network, cloud infrastructure, and productivity suites.

Operation-Centric, Not Alert-Centric

Don’t wade through a sea of alerts to find the one that really matters. Cybereason pinpoints malicious operations (MalOps) from root cause to every affected endpoint and user with real-time, multi-stage displays of the complete attack details, providing analysts the power to immediately understand, pinpoint, and end attacks with a single click. With Cybereason you don’t just stop the breach, you end it before it starts.

Leverage ALL Your Data

The quality of your protection depends on the quality of the data being analyzed. Other solutions filter valuable event data, giving you reduced visibility and intelligence. Cybereason is at the forefront of data processing technology, collecting, processing, and analyzing all of your relevant data in real-time, and if you choose, can be made accessible to you for all time.

Automatically Remediate Attacks

Cybereason’s automated remediation reduces mean time to remediate from an industry average of several days down to minutes. Traditional solutions require manual analyst intervention for nearly every task, increasing the likelihood of manual errors and severely limiting your team’s scalability. With Cybereason, a single analyst can scale to defend as many as 200,000 enterprise endpoints.

Behavior-Based Detection

Traditional endpoint security solutions rely on limited Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) - the artifacts from previously-known attacks. Cybereason goes beyond IOCs, leveraging Indicators of Behavior (IOBs) to detect the subtle signs of an attack. These chains of behavior reveal an attack at the earliest stages by surfacing malicious human and machine activity to uniquely expose and end never-before-seen attacks before they escalate to a major breach event.

Cybereason analyzes 9.8PB of threat intelligence weekly to reveal the full attack story from root cause across every affected endpoint and user.
Cybereason reduces investigation periods by as much as 93% so defenders can eliminate emerging threats in a matter of minutes rather than days.
Cybereason provides vastly increased efficiency through a 1:200,000 analyst-to-endpoint ratio and automated or guided single-click remediations.

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Cybereason instantly delivers fully contextualized and correlated insights into attacks designed to evade traditional defenses, reducing investigation and remediation intervals from days to minutes - but you don’t have to just take our word for it. Referrals by peers are the gold standard for qualifying security solutions, and Gartner Peer Insights are the industry’s most trusted source for independent, unbiased performance reviews.

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Cybereason Defense Platform

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