A Global Study on Ransomware Business Impact

This report provides analysis on the impact to businesses and organizations who have fallen victim to ransomware attacks, and provides expert guidance to drive better ransomware defense strategies. 

Key Findings from Recent Ransomware Attacks:

  • Data on loss of revenue and recovery costs
  • Risks to brand and repu tation
  • Loss of executive talent and staff layoffs and potential for business closure as the result of a ransomware attack and more


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The Impact of Ransomware on Businesses


It is estimated that there is a ransomware attack on a business every 11 seconds on average, with global ransomware damage losses projected to reach $20 billion this year.

The FBI reported an increase of more than 225% in total losses from ransomware in the U.S. in 2020 alone. Dealing with the aftermath of a ransomware attack is complicated and costly.

Key findings in this new research reveal that the vast majority of organizations have experienced significant business impact due to ransomware attacks, including loss of revenue and damage to the organization’s brand, unplanned workforce reductions, and even closure of the business altogether.