All Things Cybereason at 2023 RSA Conference

The Cybereason team is excited to have you join us at the 2023 RSA Conference on April 24 - 27, 2023, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Don’t miss the immersive Cybereason digital experience and live demos at booth N-5457 in the North Expo Hall. 

Cybereason Speaker’s Corner

Aoibh Wood, Principal Security Advisor

Time: Wednesday, April 26, 11:10 AM PT

Session Title: The Rip-Off Artists: How Ransomware Gangs Dodge Detection Today and How they Might Do So Tomorrow

Abstract: This talk analyzes the trends in the most recent ransomware attacks, including shell-oriented attacks, abusing CLFS, and other advanced capabilities. It also covers the overall malware ecosystem and how different ransomware gangs share information and malicious techniques. It also covers possible future states, including novel encryption methods to bypass today’s ransomware defenses.

Israel Barak, Chief Information Security Officer

Time: On-Demand

Session Title: XDR: The convergence of incident detection and response

Abstract: Eliminating blind spots and driving a more effective incident detection and response process has led to an evolution of converged incident detection and response architectures and platforms.

This session covers how this market is converging and evolving, critical XDR capabilities and key considerations enterprises should use when planning a security operations program, and SOC evolution into XDR.

Greg Day, VP & Global Field CISO

Time: Wednesday, April 26 1:15 PM PT

Session Title: ChatGPT: A New Generation of Dynamic Machine-Based Attacks?

Abstract: In the last year, there has been much furor around ChatGPT, a chatbot evolving through trained and reinforced learning techniques. As with every scientific advancement with noble intent, there will inevitably be scope for misuse. This session will explore the art of the possible and consider whether ML can outsmart humans in the cyber attack domain.

Eran Ayalon & Ilan Sokol, Security Research Leads

Time: Tuesday, April 25, 1:15 PM PT

Session Title: Container Escape: All You Need Is Cap (Capabilities)

Abstract: This session will dive into essential principles in container internals focused on container capabilities. The talk will describe how it works, how practitioners can use specific container capabilities to pull off container escapes, and how to minimize the danger of this kind of attack.

Defender Collectables


Attend the Cybereason booth N-5457 to receive this year’s newly launched custom owl defender kit made with LEGO® bricks. Limited supply while kits last!!

Claim your Defender collectible after completing a Gartner Peer Insight Review here. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ.

Defender’s Luncheon 

Date: Tuesday, April 25th 

Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM PT

Location: B Restaurant, 720 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Overview: Please join Cybereason for lunch at B Restaurant. This will be an opportunity during RSA to engage with the Cybereason team and enjoy a nice lunch in a gorgeous indoor & outdoor space. 

Customer only <Register Here>

Looking Forward to Seeing You in SFO!

We are looking forward to seeing you at this one of a kind event and sharing the latest in expert insights into the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Be sure to book a meeting with a Cybereason Defender to see how your organizations can detect advanced threats before they become a major breach event and how your SOC can accelerate investigations and ensure complete remediation across the enterprise.

The Cybereason Defense Platform combines the industry’s top-rated AI-powered detection and response (EDR and XDR), next-gen antivirus (NGAV), anti-ransomware protection and proactive threat hunting to defeat known and unknown threats for best-in-class prevention, detection, and response across the network, cloud deployments, user identities, productivity suites and more.

Let us show you how an operation-centric approach to security allows defenders to instantly visualize the complete narrative of a malicious operation, or MalOp,™ from root cause to every affected endpoint in real-time through multi-stage, deeply contextual correlations that deliver all of the details of an attack across all devices and all users immediately for unified protection from the endpoint, across the enterprise, to everywhere the battle moves.


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