RansomOps & The Ransomware Economy

Ransomware operators have steadily become more sophisticated and more aligned with nation-state actors, and the threat of ransomware is existential for modern enterprises.

Read this report for more information on who these groups are, how they operate, the role of Ransomware Operations (RansomOps) and how Cybereason address these advanced attacks with our solutions. 

Advice for Protection

  • Identify ransomware attacks early in the kill chain
  • Use behavioral detections to prevent account compromise and credential theft attempts from unknown attacks
  • Look for (XDR) solutions that identify not only what systems were hit with ransomware, but also what business applications, user identities, and cloud deployments

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What are Ransomops?

Cybereason has a different approach to ransomware. Since this attack style is so pervasive Cybereason wants to share what we know of the process ransomware criminals are using to succeed in carrying out ransomware attacks in our latest paper Inside Complex Ransomware Operations & the Ransomware Economy.

3 Factors Driving The Ransomware Economy:

  1. Organizations are more reliant on digital infrastructure than they were in the past, especially following the increase in remote work in response to the pandemic.

  2. The burgeoning Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) industry has lowered the technical bar making complex attack infrastructure available to low-skilled threat actors.

  3. Ransomware actors continue to benefit from the pseudo-anonymity that cryptocurrency provides for the collection and laundering of proceeds derived from their elicit operations.


*Ransomware attacks increased dramatically in both volume and sophistication throughout 2021, and Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that ransomware is a $6 trillion business.

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