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Resources to Protect Against Ransomware

Unlock the knowledge, resources and expert guidance you need to successfully prevent ransomware attacks from impacting your organization’s operations, and learn why Cybereason offers a $1M Breach Warranty. Get access to our free ransomware toolkit and arm yourself with the resources to end ransomware attacks.

  • Learn about ransomware variants such as DarkSide, Ryuk, and MedusaLocker, and how Cybereason detects and blocks advanced attacks.
  • Understand how ransomware has evolved, and learn how attackers are evading legacy prevention solutions.
  • Get first-hand lessons from the field, and learn current trends and new tactics to better protect your organization.
  • Watch a cyber attack simulation and learn how multi-stage attackers operate across an environment, and how to break the ransomware kill chain.

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Fearless Ransomware Protection

$20 Billion
Ransoms paid to cybercriminals in 2020 exceeded $20B - up from $8B in 2018
23x Losses
Downtime losses assessed at 23 times the average ransom demand
16 Days
Ransomware attacks on average result in 16 business days of system downtime
$50 Million
The largest ransomware payment demand recorded to date was $50M

“We are confident that Cybereason’s combined solutions and services will protect our customers from a major security event - so confident in fact, we are backing up our words with a $1 million Breach Protection Warranty.”

The Cybereason Breach Protection Warranty also covers ransomware attacks and offers several extortion demand coverage plans based on contract tier.

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