How to Maintain Secure Business Continuity With a Remote Workforce

Secure Your Organization Outside of the IT Perimeter

The reality of the it perimeter_

Businesses around the world are experiencing tremendous evolution as they take steps to protect their employees. We are experiencing this change ourselves, as we have moved our global security operations center off site to keep our team and the community safe. Thanks to years of experience and leading technology, our team is prepared to work from anywhere. However, we recognize that not every team is so robustly outfitted.

As attackers take advantage of the ongoing crisis, this becomes more important than ever. We are here to help across all corporate functions, and to provide professional services to help those struggling to adapt to the rapid changes triggered by COVID-19. In this guide, you will find perspectives from several of our experts with experience managing crises across security and business functions.

read the full guide for answers to questions like:

  • How do you navigate policies surrounding the current crisis?
  • How do you maintain as many business functions as securely possible when the office becomes only a mailing addres?
  • What are the core principles to enable productivity when working remotely?
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