MDR Core

24/7 Monitoring

MDR Core provides around-the-clock monitoring of an organization's network - hunting for, and protecting against today's biggest threats.

MDR Core

24/7 Monitoring
Proactive Tuning
Environment Tuning
IR Retainer
Proactive Hunting
Extended Response (XR)
NGAV Detection Analysis
Premium Onboarding

Cybereason MDR Core Overview

MDR Core delivers a detailed and vigilant network monitoring service designed to detect and prevent the most sophisticated attacks. Advanced threat detection, triage, and alerting help organizations secure their network before a breach occurs.

MDR Core Benefits

24x7x365 Network Monitoring
Always-on network monitoring and triage ensure that you never miss a critical alert.
Proactive Tuning
Identify indicators of behavior (IOB) and get visibility into threats as they align to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework for MalOp severity scoring.
Automated Email Notifications
In addition to Cybereason SOC email notifications, proactive emails can be automatically sent to a SIEM by the Cybereason Defense Platform.

Explore Cybereason MDR Packages

MDR Overview

Cybereason security experts provide network monitoring, root cause analysis, and guided response for every MalOp.

MDR Essentials

Secure your network with a robust managed security solution with threat detection, triage, and guided response.

MDR Complete

A fully managed security solution that provides industry-leading threat detection, triage, remediation, and analysis.

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