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Nov 30, 2020

Ever Evolving: Rachel Tobac Talks Social Engineering

We spent some time with Rachel Tobac discussing techniques, awareness and training for organizations seeking to limit the risk from one of the most difficult security threats to counter - social engineering attacks

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Ransomware Nov 26, 2020

Cybereason vs. Egregor Ransomware

Egregor is a newly identified ransomware variant that was first discovered in September, 2020, and has recently been identified in several sophisticated attacks on organizations worldwide, including the games industry giants Crytek and Ubisoft. 

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Company Nov 23, 2020

The Boston Globe Recognizes Cybereason as a Top Place to Work in 2020

Cybereason is pleased to announce we were named one of the Top Places to Work in 2020 by The Boston Globe, which recognizes the most admired workplaces in the state voted on by the people who know them best—their employees.

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Nov 23, 2020

Ever Evolving: Cybereason CSO Sam Curry on Security and Leadership

Cybereason CSO Sam Curry shares insights on tackling tough security challenges from a strategic perspective as well as from the point of view of a leader of security operations teams working tirelessly to reverse the adversary advantage and return the high ground to the defenders.

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Research Nov 19, 2020

Cybereason vs. MedusaLocker Ransomware

There have been reports of MedusaLocker attacks across multiple industries, especially the healthcare industry which suffered a great deal of ransomware attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Hacking Nov 18, 2020

Buyer Beware: Tips for Secure Online Shopping During the Holidays

Shoppers flocking to online sites for their holiday shopping this year can do it safely and securely by following Cybereason’s recommendations.

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Research Nov 18, 2020

Novel Chaes Malware Underscores Heightened E-Commerce Risk This Holiday Season

The Cybereason Nocturnus Team has identified an active campaign targeting customers of a larger e-commerce platform with newly identified multi-stage malware that evades antivirus tools dubbed Chaes. 

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Insights Nov 16, 2020

Ever Evolving: Stephanie Ihezukwu on Managing Security Remotely

Not long ago we were fortunate to grab some time with Steph Ihezukwu who shared her insights and observation on everything from diversity in tech to how to collaborate with teams in the age of remote work and heightened security concerns.

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Endpoint Detection and Response Nov 11, 2020

Cybereason XDR: Delivering Future-Ready Attack Protection Beyond the Endpoint

Cybereason XDR is a unified solution that is operation-centric, fusing endpoint telemetry with behavioral analytics to empower global enterprises to swiftly detect and end entire attack operations on the endpoint, in the cloud, on mobile devices and everywhere on their networks.

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Insights Nov 9, 2020

Ever Evolving: Yonatan Striem-Amit on Handling Breaches While Remote

Cybereason co-founder Yonatan Striem-Amit discusses the challenges inherent in addressing security breaches remotely.

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