Cybereason™ Expands Globally, Brings Real-Time Threat Detection to Japan

April 5, 2016 | 1 minute read

Cybereason and SoftBank Launch New Company to Deliver Cybereason's Platform and Services to Japan

Cybereason Inc. today announced that it has formed a joint venture with SoftBank Corp., a Cybereason customer and investor, to create a new company, Cybereason Japan Corp. The joint venture will be the exclusive provider of the Cybereason Endpoint Detection and Response Platform and managed security services in Japan.

"Cybereason super-charges the ability of security teams to defend against cyber threats and significantly reduce security costs," said Amane Kito, Group Chief Information Security Officer of SoftBank Corp.

"Expanding to Japan is an important milestone in Cybereason's global growth," said Cybereason CEO and Co-Founder Lior Div. "SoftBank's unique position in Japan, combined with their strong support and vast resources is accelerating our path to market in a region that has unique needs and operates very differently than the U.S. and Europe. Cybereason is not only pioneering a new approach to breach detection and response, it has disrupted traditional startup growth and go-to market models, with Cybereason Japan being a perfect example."

According to Shai Horovitz, Cybereason Japan Corp. CEO, "Cybereason Japan is off to a great start.  We're already protecting more than 40 companies, among them, one of Japan's largest industrial manufacturers. We are paving the way for a simple and powerful solution to solve the cyber security challenges in Japan."

Cybereason is a real-time attack detection and response platform that uses endpoint data to detect simple and complex threats. For organizations that are likely targets of sophisticated attacks, it will:

  • Detect, analyze and respond to concerted attack campaigns
  • Get detailed context for investigations
  • Make best use of limited security resources and expertise

"A strong presence in Japan gives us a truly global perspective on how malicious operations vary from region to region, which makes our platform smarter and more effective for all our customers," said Div. "We look forward to an enduring partnership with SoftBank and are extremely excited about the formation of Cybereason Japan Corp."

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Read SoftBank's Press Announcement in Japanese:


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