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Threat Intelligence Jan 5, 2021

Contextualizing Microsoft’s Source Code Exposure in the SolarWinds Attacks

In a December 31 blog update, Microsoft revealed that its investigation into Solarwinds had found no evidence of unauthorized access to its production services or customer data, but that effort did uncover another attack attempt.

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Security Career Development Jan 4, 2021

Ever Evolving: Israel Barak on Running Remote SOC Ops

We spent some time with Israel Barak, Chief Information Security Officer at Cybereason, who discussed some of the challenges of running a world-wide SOC remotely during the pandemic.

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Threat Intelligence Dec 22, 2020

Cybereason vs. SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

On December 13, 2020, IT infrastructure management provider SolarWinds issued a Security Advisory regarding their SolarWinds Orion Platform after experiencing a “highly sophisticated” supply chain attack.

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Endpoint Protection Platform Dec 22, 2020

2021 Security Crystal Ball: Trends and Predictions for the Year Ahead

Here are a handful of likely moves from the cyber adversaries in 2021 and where the risk lies.

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Insights Dec 18, 2020

Impact of XDR on the Modern SOC: New ESG Report

A new report from ESG, the Impact of XDR on the Modern SOC, is focused on the perception and value of XDR, and certainly reveals a number of interesting insights around how teams are prioritizing investment against attacks.

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Security Career Development Dec 14, 2020

Ever Evolving: Jake Williams on Running an Infosec Consultancy Remotely

We spent some time with Jake Williams - founder and President at Rendition Infosec and SANS Instructor - discusses some of the challenges in remotely running a successful infosec consultancy.

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Insights Dec 7, 2020

Ever Evolving: Katie Nickels on Incident Response in a Remote World

We spent some time with Katie Nickels - current Director of Intelligence at Red Canary and formerly MITRE ATT&CK Threat Intelligence Lead - to discuss applied threat intelligence, prioritizing threats for impact, and working incident response in remote environments.

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Webinars Dec 4, 2020

Is XDR the Next Silver Bullet?

Join us for an hour-long panel on the intricacies of XDR and how it will affect the security industry. Learn what XDR is, specific use cases, and how security practitioners can easily integrate this new technology into their security stack.

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Insights Dec 2, 2020

Ensuring Digital Safety and Security This Holiday Season

Exercising caution around email links, locking down payment cards and investing in a password vault can help users stay safe and happy online during the holidays.

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Hacking Nov 18, 2020

Buyer Beware: Tips for Secure Online Shopping During the Holidays

Shoppers flocking to online sites for their holiday shopping this year can do it safely and securely by following Cybereason’s recommendations.

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