Introducing Cybereason MDR Mobile App: The Power of the SOC at Your Fingertips

Threat actors never rest and often strike at the most inconvenient times—late at night, on the weekend, while you’re on business travel or vacation. This can lead to critical time being lost between incident detection, notification, and remediation.

Now Cybereason is giving critical response time back to Defenders with the introduction of the Cybereason MDR Mobile App!

The Cybereason MDR Mobile App gives Defenders the power of the SOC at their fingertips, with complete visibility into existing threats, MalOpTM detections, remediation actions, and reporting from any authorized mobile device.

With anytime, anywhere access to the Cybereason Defense Platform UI, Defenders gain speed and efficiency in responding to malicious operations (MalOps) and have around-the-clock access to the Cybereason Global SOC Team.

Security practitioners aren’t always near their laptops or office, creating a latency period from when they are notified about an attack to when they are able to login and can begin remediation.

Defenders who have the Cybereason MDR Mobile App now have instant access to their MDR dashboards where they can approve remediation actions and communicate with our Global SOC Team from any authorized mobile device.

Defenders will be able to take immediate action by launching remediation actions for ongoing threats. This reduction in latency greatly reduces an attack’s lateral movement and can prevent an attack from turning into a breach. 


Your SOC at Your Fingertips

Other Managed Detection and Response services in the market can leave Defenders feeling disconnected—not knowing who to contact during an event, or lacking access to their security vendors’ SOC experts who manage day-to-day security operations. When every second counts, the ability to understand and respond to an attack as quickly and efficiently as possible is critical in preventing a breach.

The Cybereason MDR Mobile App creates instant, two-way communication between our SOC and our customers. Cybereason Defenders can contact our SOC through the app to ask questions, download SOC-delivered reports, and work together to remediate threats. 

Next-Level Efficiency & Effectiveness

By eliminating communication latency periods and enabling instant response actions, Defenders with the Cybereason MDR Mobile App will greatly reduce time to remediation and give themselves the best chance to prevent a breach.

The Cybereason MDR Mobile App provides a detailed snapshot of existing MalOps, how they align to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, and their criticality levels. Additionally, customers will be able to download reports and industry news provided by Cybereason security experts, keeping them abreast of the latest adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures. 

Contact a Cybereason Defender to learn more about how Cybereason MDR and the MDR Mobile App bring prevention, detection and response capabilities as a service, enabling us to uncover the most sophisticated and pervasive threats without having to manage them yourself.

Dan Verton
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Dan Verton

Dan Verton is Director of Content Marketing at Cybereason. Dan has 30 years of experience as a former intelligence officer and journalist. He is the 2003 first-place recipient of the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award for Best News Reporting – the nation’s highest award for tech trade journalism and is the author of the groundbreaking work, Black Ice: The Invisible Threat of Cyber-Terrorism (McGraw-Hill, 2003). He most recently served as an intelligence advisor and co-author of a nationwide TSA anti-terrorism awareness training program.

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