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News Oct 26, 2020

Finding Our Brand Voice: Champions for the Defender

Today is a monumental day at Cybereason as we step forward to re-launch our brand and begin to tell our story more boldly. The heart of this company and the thing that truly makes us different – our deep dedication to defenders – is now also the heart of our brand.

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Cybersecurity Sep 8, 2020

Cybereason’s Commitment to Inclusion in Cybersecurity

Cybereason is focusing internal efforts on one of our Company values we call “UbU” which strives to embrace and encourage employees who exemplify our Company's commitment to diversity in all its forms.

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Endpoint Detection and Response Aug 25, 2020

Time for an Upgrade: How to Switch from Symantec to Cybereason

If you are still using Symantec, you’re most likely tired of the complex workflows, the gaps in detection, and a resource-heavy solution that inhibits workflows and productivity. If so, it’s time to level up to a better solution that’s leading the industry.

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Hacking Jul 22, 2020

Need a Boost? Stretch Your Skills with the Cybereason Summer CTF!

Are you feeling cooped up after months of social distancing? Suffering from video conferencing meeting fatigue? Do you need to reawaken your curious analyst? Come capture flags and win prizes with Cybereason!

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Insights Jun 12, 2020

UbU: Championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Cybereason

UbU (“you be you”) is the value that sits front and center at Cybereason. Acceptance of every person is at the heart of who we are as a company.

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Cybereason Jun 10, 2020

How I made my company’s office into a fancy internet cafe and why should you too

In this article I describe a security strategy that helped my organization avoid this scenario by simply ignoring the perimeter, making us indifferent to the location our employees are working from.

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