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Events Sep 22, 2020

VB2020: Anchor, Bazar, and the Trickbot Connection

Cybereason Nocturnus Team members Daniel Frank and Lior Rochberger will be presenting a session titled, Anchor, Bazar, and the Trickbot Connection, examining some new developments regarding a familiar threat actor.

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Events Sep 15, 2020

Digital Forensic Breadcrumbs at the 2020 Grace Hopper Celebration

With 25,000 participants expected to attend, and keynotes from Serena Williams and Megan Rapinoe, the Grace Hopper Celebration brings together women in STEM across the globe, in the first ever virtual edition of the conference.

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Cybersecurity Sep 8, 2020

Cybereason’s Commitment to Inclusion in Cybersecurity

Cybereason is focusing internal efforts on one of our Company values we call “UbU” which strives to embrace and encourage employees who exemplify our Company's commitment to diversity in all its forms.

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Threat Intelligence Sep 3, 2020

No Rest for the Wicked: Evilnum Unleashes PyVil RAT

In this research, we dive into the recent activity of the Evilnum group and explore its new infection chain and tools.

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Endpoint Detection and Response Aug 25, 2020

Time for an Upgrade: How to Switch from Symantec to Cybereason

If you are still using Symantec, you’re most likely tired of the complex workflows, the gaps in detection, and a resource-heavy solution that inhibits workflows and productivity. If so, it’s time to level up to a better solution that’s leading the industry.

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Cybersecurity Aug 20, 2020

Cyber Security Tips for Allowing Employees to Work From Home

While the ability to allow staff to work remotely when needed gives greater flexibility to corporations, it also comes with cybersecurity risks. Not only can remote workers put their own privacy at risk, but working remotely could result in a breach in the company’s security.

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Insights Aug 18, 2020

Deepfakes: Novelty Trend or Novel Threat?

Deepfakes, a rapidly advancing technique for generating very realistic media, has the potential to be very disruptive when misused.

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Events Aug 13, 2020

Hacker Summer Camp is Cancelled, Long Live Virtual Hacker Summer Camp

A few months ago, in light of the ongoing pandemic, fears that hacker summer camp would be cancelled were realized. However, festivities still continued for some conferences, albeit in a virtual format.

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Endpoint Detection and Response Aug 10, 2020

Protecting Against Potential Cybersecurity Threats Brought on by Remote Work

In pivoting an entire workforce to remote work, employers need to be prepared for the cybersecurity risks involved. To guard against these threats, employers should have a remote work policy that all employees are aware of and comply with.

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Endpoint Detection and Response Aug 6, 2020

Increase in Remote Work Spurs Demand for EDR Cybersecurity

With the sudden increase in telework, the traditional approach of reacting to cyber threats and security issues only after a breach is discovered is no longer sufficient.

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