Finding Our Brand Voice: Champions for the Defender

October 26, 2020 | 2 minute read

When I was considering joining Cybereason as CMO earlier this year, one of the first things that stood out to me was the company’s stellar technology. In 2020 alone some of the world’s most respected analyst firms and testing labs have rated Cybereason the industry’s top endpoint protection platform. Cybereason is also one of the planet’s fastest-growing, most well-funded cybersecurity companies with more than $400M in investment, a team that has doubled in just 1.5 years, and a customer base that grew by more than 100 percent within the same period.

The truth is that while these incredible achievements attracted me to the company, the reason I ultimately wanted to be on the Cybereason team was harder to see from the outside.

I started to realize something was very different about this company in my first meeting with CEO and co-founder Lior Div. Where other leaders may have spent our time together touting Cybereason’s impressive strengths and wins, instead Lior talked passionately for most of our meeting about their customers – the defenders.

Having been a military cyber defender himself, Lior painted a harrowing picture of the struggles our customers face in protecting their enterprises every day when everything is on the line and everyone is depending on them to succeed. And he shared an exciting vision for how Cybereason was arming them to defend their businesses from the endpoint to everything they might ever touch in the connected world. When he wasn’t talking about customers, Lior was sharing his gratitude for the incredible team of employees and partners that were coming together at Cybereason to make this vision a reality.

I left that meeting knowing Cybereason wasn’t just about great technology, it was about heart and an authentic mission. When I got home that night I felt energized, telling my family “more people really need to know about this company.” And I ultimately joined Cybereason with a mission to make sure they did.

Today is a monumental day at Cybereason as we step forward to re-launch our brand and begin to tell our story more boldly. The heart of this company and the thing that truly makes us different – our deep dedication to defenders – is now also the heart of our brand.

We have a new website and advertising campaign that communicates our commitment to champion cyber defenders to end attacks from the endpoint to everywhere. And while we have always talked about our mission to reverse the adversary advantage, we’re now getting equally vocal about our strategy to achieve it by shifting cyber security from alert-centric to operation-centric. Our ability to swiftly detect and end entire malicious operations (Malops) across the enterprise completely redefines what is possible with attack protection. 

You’ll also notice that our brand looks a lot different. The Cybereason owl, which has been an important part of our company identity from the start, is now fully front and center. Owls are both wise thinkers and shrewd hunters. They see through darkness and complexity, hearing what others miss and adapting their techniques to fit their target. These are the same traits of strong cyber defenders. For us, the owl represents our people, our customers and our partners at their best, coming together as one team of defenders to protect what matters most. 

Cybereason was founded to make a difference for defenders. They are looking for a different kind of partner. A fellow defender they can turn to and trust to stand beside them in uncertain times to fight some of the toughest battles of their careers. 

In an industry that tends to glorify attackers, we have always been all about the defender. And now we can proudly say our brand is too.



To see our new brand in action, you can visit our website, watch our new brand video and soon see and hear our ads throughout the world.  We’re excited to show you what’s coming next!

Meg O'Leary
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