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The Quick and The Dead

Aug 6, 2019

The Quick and The Dead: Cybereason and the Business of Cybersecurity

The name of the game is speed, whether you are talking about cyber security or business; and nowhere is this more true than in the business of cybersecurity. On the technical front, we, in cybersecurity, have the most rapid and intelligently adapting opponent: Human beings. 

Likewise, the success and future potential of a business is measured in how it adapts, innovates, and evolves. In cybersecurity and in business, it’s all about the rates of improvement and rates of change. This is a first and second derivative game, not a static game played on an un-timed chess board.

I am thrilled to announce that Cybereason has raised $200M from Softbank, bringing the investment in us since founding to almost 400 million dollars. Seven years ago, when Yonatan, Yossi, and I began talking about a security company that would revolutionize cybersecurity and “reverse the hacker advantage,” we only dreamt of a safer world. We believed our unique combination of military training and years of experience in offensive security would be able to deliver a product that would change how the world sees cybersecurity.

Understanding that the business of cybersecurity is a moving game, from the tactical level, where we defend companies and networks, to the strategic level of board rooms and partnerships, is the key to making a multi-billion dollar company that is changing what it means to do security. Our goal has always been an ambitious one, but we’re doing it, and our customers and partners feel the difference.  It is all possible because of the incredible work of our team, from Boston, to Tokyo, to London, to Tel Aviv and many other satellite locations across the globe. 

With this latest infusion of capital, we can continue to chart a course that disrupts the norms of cyber conflict. Defenders should expect victory, and Attackers should be frustrated and seek employment elsewhere. Companies who’ve failed their users with stale, standstill products; who offer no more than a recognized brand, should feel the pain of disruption, because the billions spent in cyber security every year are wasted, and the days of betraying customer trust are over.

We will use this money to continue to accelerate the growth of our technology, as we pursue the future of cybersecurity, something we call Autonomous Security. By 2025, what we look at as separate technologies- SIEM, SOAR, EDR, EPP and everything else in the cyber arsenal- will be available to all as a service, in an automated, easy to use manner. Cybereason is at the leading edge of that now, and we intend to push that envelope further and further. We are in the ultimate race and aren’t measuring ourselves against point competitors or the status quo of struggling security markets.


This is disruptive technology and it leads to disruption in business, so we will also use the money to ramp up what we are doing in the Americas, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia. With a focus on channel and strategic partnerships, we will show that we have the best rates of improvement in our business model, and I, for one, can’t wait to bring the Cybereason Defense Platform to more people and companies, in more countries than ever before.

So while I am humbled by the trust of my shareholders and grateful to my business partners and customers, I have to say- look out cyber security dinosaurs because this is a fast game, and Cybereason has the best speed in technology and in business; and the market, our partners and our customers have all experienced it.