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Cybereason Achieves NSS Labs Inc Advanced Endpoint Protection 'AA' Rating

Not all endpoint protection platforms are the same, especially if you are in need of a solution that can help you protect your enterprise from the most advanced attacks, both known and unknown.

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About the Report

The 2020 NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection test and vendor comparison results have been published; the Cybereason Defense Platform ranked the highest of all participating vendors and achieved an overall ‘AA’ rating.


The high score and high ratings were achieved by being able to block various types of malware, prevent exploits and detect evasion techniques leveraged by attackers.

Download both NSS Lab's AEP and Comparative Reports to learn how Cybereason can help protect your enterprise from cyberattacks.

Block evasive techniques leveraged by threat actors 100% of the time

Block email malware 99.9% and HTTP malware 98.3% of the time

Block and mitigate exploits, both drive by and social


Protect Your Enterprise From Attacks

The NSS Lab Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) test results for the Cybereason Defense Platform provide information that you can use in assessing how you can help protect your organization from malicious actors and the attack methods employed by them.

Low Overhead Endpoint Protection

Review the report to learn how the Cybereason Defense Platform reduces installation and maintenance costs and meets your team’s security needs for on-going management and the reduction of False Positives encountered within your environment.