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Get the most out of the Cybereason Platform

To ensure you’re able to start leveraging the Cybereason Enterprise Attack Protection Platform right away, our team will train you on how to use the product most effectively, to identify and investigate malicious operations. In addition,  the team will deliver specific training based on your team’s needs and ongoing training as new features are released.

Your Delivery Consultant will act as your liaison to ensure a smooth deployment, including rollout of the Cybereason Endpoint Sensors and getting access to any Cybereason cloud resources you require.

Your Customer Success Manager will be responsible for training and ongoing lifecycle support.

Deployment and Training by Cybereason

The Cybereason Difference

Cybereason has assembled a corps of elite security experts from a range of military, academic, and commercial backgrounds. The unique combination of expertise and best of breed detection technology, enables your organization to feel confident that you’re not missing anything.

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The Cybereason Deployment & Training Advantage

Speed up your time to value
Deploy rapidly, leveraging the expertise of an experienced onboarding team.

Uplevel your analysts
Maximize the benefit of your own team as they learn how to best navigate and leverage the Cybereason Platform.

Resolve issues quickly and easily
Take advantage of Cybereason product experts, on demand, to answer your questions and solve your problems most efficiently.