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Active Response

Why Active Response

Quick and thorough responses to security incidents can drastically reduce damage and costs to the business. Yet, many teams are challenged to pivot from investigation to response quickly.

Cybereason Active Response gives customers the expertise and resources needed to optimize their incident response procedures, uplift their security posture and minimize the likelihood that incidents recur in the future. Active Response includes:

  • Remote Incident Response. We'll help to contain attacks as soon as they are detected and immediately begin forensic analysis and investigation.
  • Remediation Services & Recommendations. Our team will perform responsive actions for Malops™ in the platform, such as cleaning malware, killing processes, deleting registry keys, quarantining files, and more. In addition to these responsive actions, we'll also recommend any additional steps your team should take to ensure the incident is fully resolved.
  • Advanced Analysis. For issues that are not routine, we'll perform in-depth investigations and analysis. This includes: reverse engineering, detailed intrusion analysis, and root cause analysis. Cybereason will deliver a report during the initial scope of analysis, and a final report once the analysis is complete. Learn more
Active Response Service by Cybereason

The Cybereason Difference

Cybereason has assembled a corps of elite security experts from a range of military, academic, and commercial backgrounds. The unique combination of expertise and best of breed detection technology, enables your organization to feel confident that you’re not missing anything.

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