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Response Process

The Cybereason Incident Response Process

Incident data-gathering. Cybereason will work with you to gather and analyze artifacts from your environment to aid in the investigation process.

Reverse malware engineering. Cybereason will reverse-engineer malicious executables to understand more about the tools being used, their origin, and their relationship to similar tools in use elsewhere.

Custom threat research. Cybereason will refer to repositories of threat intelligence, as well as consult with the Cybereason Intelligence team and other peers in the threat intelligence community to understand how the malicious activities discovered might affect your organization.

Executive and technical reporting. Cybereason will produce executive-level reports plus detailed technical reports outlining what we found, the motivation behind the attack, and what resources you need to eradicate the threat. Protect your environment in the future.

Incident Response Process

The Cybereason Difference

Cybereason has assembled a corps of elite security experts from a range of military, academic and commercial backgrounds with deep experience in cyber-offense operations. The Cybereason IR specialists have spent years understanding the adversary and how they operate and have defended and analyzed some of the most advanced cyber-attacks ever executed.

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Getting You Back to Basics

  • Immediate access to expertise. When an incident occurs, you have access to an industry-leading incident response team.
  • Decrease incident impact. Ensure that the incident has the lowest possible impact on your organization and business operations.
  • Greater resiliency from future incidents. Understand best practices and improvements you can make to better protect your environment in the future.

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