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Threat Hunting Solution

Am I Under Attack?

Not all threats can be prevented. Compromise is an unfortunate eventuality, and part of the cost of doing business in a data-rich world. As a result, security teams must proactively and iteratively search through their environment to detect and isolate threats that evade existing security solutions. In other words: threat hunt. Threat hunting allows security teams to identify attacks faster, and minimize damage and the likelihood of business disruption.

Start with Actionable Data

Start with Actionable Data

Cybereason’s Malops present customers with actionable data to start hunting. Malops are collections of related suspicious activities that are highly likely part of a security incident. Customers can search for evidence and suspicions tied with Malops to see how prevalent they are in their environment.

Empower Threat Hunting Team

Empower the Hunt Team

With Cybereason’s query builder, you don’t need to learn advanced queries to hunt. Instead, query builder is an interactive hunting tool that lets you hunt easily based on IOCs, threat intelligence, observed behaviors, processes, and more. Furthermore, since each Cybereason customer has their own graph database, query results are instantaneous.

Automate Threat Hunting Successes

Automate the Successes

The ability to automate hunting processes is critical to reducing the time needed to identify new attacks. Cybereason automates threat hunting by eliminating the need for analysts to always run manually queries for specific malicious activity. Instead, analysts can create custom detection rules and define new logic for triggering Malops based on lessons learned from successful hunts.

Webinar: AI Threat Hunting in Action

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What is Threat Hunting?

Whether the process is called threat hunting, cyber hunting or cyber threat hunting, each term essentially means the same thing: security professionals look for threats that are already in their organization’s IT environment. This differs from penetration or pen testing, which looks for vulnerabilities that an attacker could use to get inside a network.

With every vendor offering some type of threat hunting service, security professionals may wonder if hunting can actually benefit a company or if it’s just a fad. But threat hunting isn’t based on flashy technology that will become irrelevant in a few months. It’s a return to one of the basic tenets of information security: reviewing your IT environment for signs of malicious activity and operational deficiencies.

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Threat Hunting Services

Threat Hunting Services

Cybereason Active Hunting delivers ongoing threat hunting to customers. Our team of experts develop hunting queries that are informed from threat intelligence data and research, then run them in your environment to find emerging threats.


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