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SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

The Cybereason Defense Platform provides multi-layered prevention and detection to defeat advanced threats like the SolarWinds Supply Chain attack - see how we do it...



Ran talks to Israel Barak, Cybereason's CISO and a Cyber-defense and Warfare expert, about the recent SolarWinds hack that impacted up to 18,000 enterprise organizations in the US. What is a Supply Chain Attack, how can organizations defend against it - and what does all this have to do with Evolution and Natural Selection?

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A look at the role IOBs would play knowing there were no IOCs available to leverage in detecting and blocking a novel threat as described above in the Microsoft analysis of the SolarWinds campaign where traditional approaches obviously failed to detect the threat.

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How We Can Help

Cybereason has products and services built to help protect you today from the SolarWinds supply chain attack and help you become future-ready for tomorrow.

Cybereason Compromise Assessment

Get a complete review of your organization’s infrastructure to identify any instances of compromise, undetected backdoors, unauthorized access, and any anomalous activities.


Gain immediate containment and expert remediation assistance to prevent security events from escalating. Our team is ready to help with your IR needs.

Customer Resources

Cybereason customers have been getting consistent information and we will continue to update all our resources inside of our customer community.

Cybereason Recommendations

The Cybereason GSOC and Cybereason Nocturnus teams have begun to establish hunting queries based on the IOCs included in the latest attacks and have a series of recommendations.  

Customer Webinar

Our exclusive customer webinar will discuss mitigation recommendations and do a step-by-step demo of how to hunt for IOCs related to these latest attacks using our EDR solution