Predictive Ransomware Protection

Undefeated in the Fight Against Ransomware

Cybereason delivers the only predictive protection available today against ransomware. Artificially intelligent endpoints, multi-layered protection, and visibility from the kernel to the cloud ensure that Cybereason stops any ransomware strain - even those never before seen.

"A week after the deployment we blocked two attempted Ransomware attacks using backdoors."

of those who paid a ransom experienced another attack
16 Days
Ransomware attacks on average result in 16 business days of system downtime
$70 Million
The largest ransomware payment demand recorded to date was $70M

Undefeated in the Fight
Against Ransomware

To combat modern ransomware it is no longer enough to rely on vulnerable data backups or even simply Next-Gen AV. Only predictive protection can provide defenses that are consistent and comprehensive.


Key Ransomware Protection Capabilities

Automate ransomware prevention

InfoSec teams that support small and mid-sized organizations do not have the team size or expertise to effectively combat sophisticated ransomware attacks. The prevention capabilities of Cybereason against advanced ransomware are automated and comprehensive - providing an immediate boost to overburdened or inexperienced security teams.

Interrupt the late stages of a ransomware operation as a last line of defense

All ransomware involves encryption of sensitive data in later stages of the attack chain. By decentralizing decision-making to the endpoint, Cybereason quickly detects and blocks encryption activity at the first signs of attacker activity with the highest level of confidence without needing to wait for analysis by a centralized system.

Recover from file encryption

Relying solely on data backups is a defeatist mindset and assumes adversaries are able to escalate their activities to the point of an enterprise-wide breach. Cybereason prevents ransomware before escalation and includes the ability to restore encrypted files to their previously unencrypted state as a final layer of defense against ransomware operations.

Extend detection to network drives

Network drives store the files that ransomware operators hope to encrypt, and are historically difficult to monitor for threats. Cybereason lengthens the reach of InfoSec teams by detecting signs of ransomware in network drives, providing the broadest possible visibility for an informed and comprehensive response.

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Solution Benefits and Components

Artificially Intelligent Endpoints
Only Cybereason predicts and blocks ransomware activity using artificial intelligence on every endpoint, unlike competitive solutions that assume defeat and rely only on unreliable “rollbacks.”
Multi-layered Protection
Cybereason protection leads with the industry’s only predictive protection that ends ransomware based on even the most subtle behaviors and attacker activity - BEFORE encryption takes place. This combined with our award-winning NGAV, AV, script-based, and file-based protection ensures that both known and never before seen ransomware never gets through.
Visibility from the Kernel to the Cloud
Sophisticated attackers know how to evade standard means of detection. Cybereason provides unobstructed access to the full array of data involved in a ransomware attack and then contextualizes the operation for rapid decision-making. This enables Defenders to broaden the reach of investigations, clearly see the complete picture of the full attack surface, and root out ransomware operations.

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