Cybereason Anti-Ransomware

Undefeated in the Fight Against Ransomware

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of Cybereason Anti-Ransomware

Cybereason Anti-Ransomware is the most effective and focused ransomware protection on the market today. With multiple layers of behavioral-based detection, Cybereason stops any ransomware strain - even those never before seen.

A week after the deployment we blocked two attempted Ransomware attacks using backdoors.

of those who paid a ransom experienced another attack
16 Days
Ransomware attacks on average result in 16 business days of system downtime
$70 Million
The largest ransomware payment demand recorded to date was $70M

Undefeated in the Fight
Against Ransomware

To top modern ransomware it is no longer enough to rely on vulnerable data backups or even simply Next-Gen AV. Consistent and comprehensive protection against ransomware is possible through multilayered prevention, the ability to detect behavioral anomalies, and the ability to scale with automation and integration.


Key Capabilities

Signature Based Analysis

Detect and prevent known variants of ransomware using static signatures. The detections are enriched with threat intelligence via an infinitely expanding database of threat information. This cache of threat data contextualizes attacks without the need to research off-platform and provides clear details on what took place and how to respond and recover.

AI-Powered Prevention of Zero Day Threats

Cybereason Anti-Ransomware delivers automated blocking and prevention of sophisticated zero day ransomware. Our approach combines behavioral and machine-learning capabilities to end ransomware in real-time – including never-before-seen and fileless threats.

Fileless Protection

Sophisticated attackers are likely to use advanced tactics to infiltrate an environment while attempting to hide their behavior. Fileless Protection discovers and blocks memory-based attacks or other fileless techniques based on the activity the systems exhibit.

Behavioral Document Protection

Detect malicious macros and corrupted files that are common hiding places for ransomware. Cybereason identifies and stops malicious behaviors resulting from nefarious macros in Excel sheets or other documents—regardless of if a signature exists for these malicious files.

Deception Technology

Deploy honeypots and decoy files intended to lure sophisticated adversaries out of hiding. Generate high fidelity detections with low false positives by artificially expanding the threat surface with deception traps meant for sophisticated adversaries.

Research-Driven Insights: Nocturnus Research

Ransomware operators will continue to innovate and create new strains of ransomware and new methods of creating a breach. Cybereason Nocturnus security research discovers these new forms of ransomware and their underlying TTP’s, and then feeds those insights directly back to our customer community via product and services updates.

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Solution Benefits and Components

Multilayered Prevention
Prevent ransomware attacks before damage can occur with industry-leading effectiveness. Block zero day ransomware strains and never-before-seen malware, whether through static indicators or suspicious behaviors.
Behavioral Monitoring
Detect anomalies based on indicators of behavior specific to ransomware. Identify early stage breach activity, block attack progression, and recover impacted endpoints and users.
Automation & Integration
It’s not uncommon for security teams to rely on dozens of different security products in their program, making integration and interoperability a necessity. Seamlessly integrate with adjacent solutions to increase automation and orchestration.


Proven Ransomware Protection

  • We don’t rely on vulnerable data backups to recover from a ransomware attack, we simply stop it in the first place
  • Our technology is validated and stands ahead of the rest in industry-standard testing like MITRE ATT&CK, delivering tangible results that CISOs can rely on
  • We understand the nuances of a ransomware attack and fully protect against a sophisticated adversary

Complementary to existing tools

  • Streamline operational efficiencies with a simple UI and intuitive workflows
  • Operate with and alongside existing products in the security stack for integration and automation.
  • Consolidate desired capabilities at the endpoint with a single lightweight sensor

Immediate time to value

  • Deploy rapidly and baseline the environment for near-immediate time to value
  • Automated blocking replaces the need for large and experienced teams
  • Transition your security posture to a future-ready state that will prevent expensive ransomware attacks in the future
  • The most competitive price point for next gen ransomware protection