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Cybereason + Arm: Securing The Core of IoT
Securing IoT

The Cybereason Advantage

Detailed answers, down to the execution thread of a process. Gain deep insight into machines, the users logged in, processes they execute, and the modules they use.

Correlated data from every endpoint. Analyze how each activity relates to every other activity in the enterprise, allowing you to quickly understand the context of any activity.

Ability to pivot on any data point. Re-focus your investigation on any data point at any time, speeding up the process of getting the right answer.

Single, real-time model. Get single, ever-evolving, enterprise-wide view of your digital footprint, and its inter-dependencies.


Breadth across your entire enterprise

See activity from across your environment, from inside your data center to remote laptops that rarely connect to your network.

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Why Cybereason

Why Cybereason

  • Lower risk due to rapid identification. Quickly detect issues before they affect the business.
  • Full attack context. Understand all the activities related to an attack.
  • Exponentially more efficient response. Use fewer resources in resolving the incident.

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