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Cybereason ARM IoT Partnership

Securing the Core of IoT

Together, Cybereason and Arm are building cybersecurity into the core of IoT devices by layering protection, detection, and response into the operating system. Arm is the world’s largest chip technology vendor with processors in laptops, cars, TVs, and nearly all modern smartwatches and smartphones. The Pelion Platform, secured with Cybereason, guarantees protection and detection of malicious activity.

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IoT Security

No visibility. We lack insight into what these billions of devices are doing, what and how they are communicating, what access they permit, what backdoors they have, etc. With this lack of visibility, it’s challenging to know what vulnerabilities lie within these devices and it’s nearly impossible to tell if they’re under attack.

No standard OS. No device is created equal. Unlike the PC and server ecosystem, the IoT landscape has not standardized on an operating system. With multiple operating systems supporting these devices, it’s challenging to build a single solution that can support all devices.

No contextual data. Many devices have layers of protection to ensure they can’t be compromised by simple threats, but these protection are device-centric. They will not detect or provide awareness of a larger attack that is leveraging multiple devices.