Protecting Containers at Runtime is Complex: Learn about a new approach to cloud security


Join us for this live webinar as we delve into the latest evolution of XDR technology. Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads is a solution that offers the ultimate in cybersecurity protection, detection, and response to defend and protect cloud workloads wherever they deploy and run across infrastructure and cloud environments.

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About the Webinar

XDR for Cloud Workloads: Extend Protection to Cloud Workloads

Recently released Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads provides comprehensive visibility across an organization's entire environment and is the key to detecting malicious activity targeting cloud workloads and containers. Competing offerings are forced to filter crucial threat telemetry, where the Cybereason MalOp™ Detection Engine is capable of processing all relevant telemetry at petabyte scale, enabling security analysts to understand the full scope of cyberattacks in real time.

Key topics for the session to include:

  • The key challenges to securing workloads in a cloud environment
  • How Cybereason is approaching these challenges for our customers
  • The future of Cloud Workload Protection from Cybereason
  • A Demonstration of the solution
  • Cybereason co-founder Yonatan Striem Amit’s perspective on the market

Meet The speakers


Yonatan Striem-Amit

CTO and Co-Founder of Cybereason

Yonatan Striem-Amit, CTO and Co-Founder of Cybereason, is a machine learning, big data analytics and visualization technology expert, with over a decade of experience applying analytics to security in the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Governmental Agencies.


Cody Queen

Product Marketing Manager, Cybereason

Cody is a Product Marketing Manager at Cybereason leading the go-to-market strategy for NGAV, endpoint protection and cloud workload security solutions. Before joining Cybereason, Cody led and supported product launches for Dell Technologies in their APEX Cloud and security business, primarily around managed data center services. He also brings over 10 years of experience in the public sector planning for, managing and responding to security threats against the United States.