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Threat Intelligence

The latest cyber threat intelligence at your fingertips


Delivered by Cybereason's Threat Intelligence Team, Nocturnus, Cybereason Threat Intelligence provides organizations with the latest in global attack tactics and techniques, emerging trends, and access to the Nocturnus threat library. Organizations will take away actionable intelligence to improve their security posture and prevent a breach.

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Understand the Latest in Emerging Threats

Gain insight and understanding into the latest attack trends and techniques. Cybereason's Threat Intelligence Reports provide organizations with knowledge around the latest emerging threats most relevant to their organization.

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Faster threat hunting

Cybereason’s Threat Intelligence Reports provide organizations with actionable intelligence such as enriched IOCs, Yara rules and hunting queries to help hunt, detect and respond to threats faster.

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Knowledge is power

Leverage Cybereason’s Self Service Portal to access Cybereason’s threat library, threat actor information, and malware database.

Customer Outcomes

Intelligence Threat Reports
Reports that outline the most recent attack trends and emerging threats.
Enhanced Detection Packages
Providing organizations with actionable intelligence that include enriched IOCs, Yara rules, and hunting queries for various threats.
Intelligence Platform Access
The Nocturnus threat library includes the latest in threat actor information and a comprehensive malware database.
Self Service Portal
Access threat intelligence reports at any time and from anywhere with the Cybereason Self Service Portal.

Why Cybereason Services

Cybereason Technology

The Cybereason Defense Platform provides threat hunters with the tools and visibility needed to quickly detect, respond to, and remediate threats across the entire network.

Cybereason Threat Intelligence

Cybereason’s Nocturnus threat intelligence team delivers deep insights on the tools, techniques, and procedures of threat actors from around the world. This robust library of intelligence helps Cybereason Incident Responders identify, predict, and prevent the spread of an attack.

Cybereason IR Team

The Cybereason IR Team is comprised of threat hunters and security experts with decades of experience from some of the most respected organizations within both public and private sectors. A dedicated incident responder will be with you every step of the way from deployment through remediation.

Cybereason Methodology

Leveraging robust tools such as EDR, Forensics-as-Code, FaC and DFIR, Cybereason’s threat hunters deliver fast and efficient incident response that quickly restores back to business.


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Cybereason Incident Response

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Cybereason IR & Professional Services

Learn more about Cybereason IR & Pro Services Bundles and Cybereason’s unlimited IR.

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