Learn how ransomware behaves so you can defend against it

See and stop a malicious operation from the inside. In Cybereason’s Ransomware Labs you will see first-hand how and when ransomware is deployed, and how attackers’ moves can be predicted and stopped.

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About the Webinar

Ransomware operations have transformed dramatically over the last few years from a small cottage industry conducting largely nuisance attacks to a highly complex business model that is extremely efficient and specialized with an increasing level of innovation and technical sophistication.

With Cybereason’s new “Ransomware Range” experience, you will have the chance to witness first-hand the operations employed by threat groups and ransomware gangs from initial intrusion, lateral movement, privilege escalation and full network compromise. Most importantly, you’ll see where and how these operations can be predicted, prevented, detected, and stopped dead in their tracks.

We’ll explore strains of increasing degrees of complexity and sophistication - including:

  • WannaCry
  • Conti
  • BlackCat/ALPHV
  • Ryuk
  • Stealth fileless ransomware operations

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Ken Westin has been in security for over 15 years working with companies on threat hunting, insider threat programs, and vulnerability research. In the past, he has worked closely with law enforcement helping to unveil organized crime groups. His work has been featured in Wired, Forbes, New York Times, Good Morning America, and others, and is regularly reached out to as an expert in cybersecurity, cybercrime, and surveillance.