October 2, 2019 12:00 - 1:00 PM ET

For our next SecureMA event, we are teaming up with subject matter experts from the security industry, academia, and the government to talk about how to prevent cyber stalking and digital harassment. Join us during the intersection of cybersecurity awareness month and domestic violence awareness month for a look into cyber stalking and how to protect yourself against it.

1 in 4 victims report being stalked through the use of technology

This event embodies Cybereason's mission to reverse the attacker advantage and empower the defender. Every individual should be free of cyberstalking and digital harassment. We want this event, which will take place at the intersection of cybersecurity awareness month and domestic violence awareness month, to help individuals understand just how much this impacts survivors and how to help protect against it.

What to expect

We are bringing in experts from industry, academia, and government to help you protect yourself from cyber stalking and harassment. Sign up for the live stream today.

Panel members will discuss digital harassment and cyber stalking, and give their thoughts on what small businesses, non-profits, and individuals need to know. Learn how to protect yourself in this hour long panel over lunch.

Registration for the in-person event has now closed. Join our live stream of the event.


Lodrina Cherne

Product Manager, Cybereason

Lodrina Cherne has seen the evolution of technical abuse from multiple sides. Most recently she gave a talk at the Diana Initiative conference titled "In the Wake of an Advanced Persistent Threat... to Your Safety" where she covered using legitimate location sharing applications in unintentional ways in addition to more blatant stalkerware. Her work at Cybereason in malware and digital forensics uncovering commodity and targeted keyloggers contributes to her desire to increase real word safety by promoting online safety.

Raymond Hansen

Associate Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Ray is an award-winning teacher and researcher that currently leads the Cybersecurity program at Wentworth Institute of Technology. He has led trainings for multiple local, state, and federal law enforcement officers to provide investigation capabilities in the area of network forensics. Ray was the principle investigator and architecture for a large-scale network forensics tool to recover files and communications which was funded by the National Institute of Justice. This tool was made freely available to law enforcement to aid investigations. His primary focus is educating the next-generation of cybersecurity professionals to engage with the technical aspects of cybersecurity while not forgetting the people and policies that interact with the technologies.

Dr. Kelley Misata

CEO, Sightline Security

Listed as a "Woman to Watch 2018" in the technology by SC Magazine (July 2018), Dr. Kelley Misata is a strategic leader and speaker who combines over 15 years in business leadership roles with a passion for facilitating critical conversations around responsible cybersecurity, digital safety, and privacy. Today, she is expanding her groundbreaking dissertation research in the information of nonprofits workings with victims of violence into a new cybersecurity nonprofit venture, Sightline Security. Her current role as President and Executive Director of The Open Information Security Foundation and past role as Communications Director at The Tor Project allows Kelley to spotlight her expertise in security, fundraising, advocacy, policy discussions, and training with an array of stakeholders. Kelley combines professional and research endeavors with a unique perspective as a survivor of cyberstalking.

Paul-Headshot copy
Paul Fitzgerald

Director of Security Services, The Edward Davis Company

Paul Fitzgerald is the Director of Security Services for The Edward Davis Company, where he assists in the oversight of all security-related services including physical security, crisis response planning, investigations, physical and cyber assessments, information analysis and trainings. He brings 31 years of law enforcement experience with the Boston Police Department to the company, most recently as a Superintendent, and the Chief of the Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis from 2009 to 2017. In that capacity he had overall responsibility for Homeland Security and Intelligence matters in the Boston Police Department including during the Boston Marathon bombing event and aftermath.



Allie Mellen

Senior Content Writer, Cybereason

Allie Mellen writes about security at Cybereason. She has several years of experience in cybersecurity and has been recognized globally for her security research. She has a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering and has had various engineering, development, and consulting roles in the technology sector over the past ten years.



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