Cybereason Private Infrastructure Protection

Universal Deployment Options

Deploy to Anything.

Any Endpoint. Any Data Source. Any Configuration.

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Environment
  • On-Premises Data Center
  • Air-Gapped Environments
  • Specialized, Niche IT Systems
  • Legacy OS
  • Standard OS - Windows, Mac, Linux



Every environment is like a fingerprint or a snowflake - unique, specialized, and like no other.

The way you do business is unique to you, and with a varying IT stack, secure what’s yours without the expense or pressure to change. Protection should adapt around the Defender and your way of doing business, not the other way around.

The on-premises IT stack is currently experiencing a Renaissance period, maintaining a private infrastructure makes sense for a variety of reasons, with many large and heavily regulated organizations keeping more data and operations under the same roof.

Securing Private Infrastrucutre

Highly regulated businesses

While regulations have obvious benefits and exist for a reason, compliance requirements undoubtedly complicate security. Many organizations are required to keep data and certain parts of IT on-site

Federal Organizations

Certain Agencies have requirements to meet maximum security needs, like an air-gapped environment and strict data controls.

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Financial Services

Large FinServ organizations are simultaneously the most attacked and the most regulated sector, with PCI-DSS, GDPR, FINRA, and other compliance mandates that impact IT.


Manufacturing organizations often have incredibly specific IT needs, and could maintain specialized IT systems that require security and are essential to day-to-day business.

Region-specific Directives

Under GDPR, organizations in the EU must keep data within the EU. Many organizations follow region-specific guidelines related to IT and data security, and those systems need a higher level of protection due to their sensitivity.

How it Works

Ultimate Flexibility in Deployment
Deploy to anything with universal coverage options for any data source or specialized IT system.
Protect On-Site Assets
Leverage existing infrastructure and protect on-premises endpoints and air-gapped environments.
Single Sensor, Single Console
Low impact sensor for high visibility into difficult-to-monitor areas with all data fed into a single, easily managed console.
Meet Compliance and Auditing Requirements
Keep data in-region and maintain an auditable trail of detection and response activity to meet compliance needs.

The Cybereason Difference

We deliver the highest security value available in the unique configuration of your environment, with industry-leading results that you can rely on in the fight against cyber adversaries.


Aggressively prevent threats with industry leading efficiency. Predict pre-executed threats, block based on behaviors, and end ransomware.

Contextualized Visibility

Alerts mean little without context. Cybereason delivers actionable visibility, correlated and contextualized and displayed in our MalOp™ view for efficient response.

Threat Intelligence

Enhance detections with open-source threat intelligence, 3rd party threat feeds, and intelligence that surfaces from our in-house Nocturnus team.

Response and Recovery

Guided, one-click remediation that addresses all aspects of an active threat to restore systems to a trusted state. Full forensic toolkit and DFIR options as needed for more sophisticated InfoSec teams.

Telemetry and Data Retention

Cybereason aggregates the most telemetry of any EDR vendor and retains that data for longer periods for a full-scope analysis of the environment and threat hunting over a protracted period of up to 18 months.


Detect the sublest signs of attack activity through deep learning and graph analysis. Predict, analyze, validate and improve.

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The Renaissance of Securing Private Infrastructure

With good reason, many organizations have not fully abandoned on-site IT assets and committed 100% to the public cloud. These could be air gapped environments, an on-premise data center or other specialized IT environment, and securing those difficult-to-monitor or isolated assets is a unique capability delivered by Cybereason.

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